So You Wanna Compete? 3 Tips for the Newbie Figure or Bikini Competitor

So you love the idea of getting on stage, showing off your hard work, and wearing sparkly two piece suit to top off all your fabulousness huh?

I can remember back when I first started competing in 2010. I was really green, wet behind the ears, and preeeetty much didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

To top it all off…

I didn’t even have a coach to show me the ropes. I learned it all – and figured it out – on my own. And I’ll, tell you, there is SO MUCH to think about when it comes to your first show, and all the things you need to focus on.

So today, I want to discuss a few of those things. And share with you my top 3 tips for the newbie figure or bikini competitor!


Facebook Live: 3 Tips for the Newbie Figure or Bikini Competitor w/ Contest Prep Coach IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

So now that you know what to think about – and a little bit of what to expect, I want to hear from YOU!

Are there any other things that mystify you about the process of getting ready for a show? What things are you doing NOW, before your show, to get yourself geared up for the stage?

Post your comments below – AND be sure to share this with your friends as well.


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Contest prep can be such a DAUNTING experience – as much as it is a rewarding one.

Even if you are working with a coach, it’s a good idea to have a little more information at your fingertips to help you to understand the process, and feel super confident when it’s time to step on stage.

My Contest Prep Crash Course will give you all the advice and tools you need to successfully begin your journey as a figure or bikini competitor.

  • Learn from me DIRECTLY and hands on, all of the same “secrets” and best advice that I ONLY share with my one on one coaching clients.
  • Stop the confusion and frustration of what you need to do to look your best on stage.
  • Crack the code to improving your placings, earning that coveted top 5 trophy, and nabbing that national level qualification.
  • Most importantly, feel the pride and confidence in finally beginning to understand the process of contest prep.
  • Reveal the mystery behind the best methods and tactics that can change your body, help you to steadily lose fat, and keep your hard earned muscle.
  • Find out exactly what the judges are looking for, so that you can put your best foot forward on stage – or even bring home some hardware.


My Contest Prep Crash Course is PERFECT for New and Seasoned Competitors.

Here’s what you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to once you sign up:

  • Fully illustrated 80 page eBook with the best tips and advice I can share about what truly will make your prep successful – and sane.
  • Exclusive Contest Prep Crash Course Webinar Video Replay + Audio Download so you can listen to at any time.
  • Choosing the Right Division Video Bonus! Confused about where you need to start? Let me tell you about what each division looks for – and where you might fit in.
  • A Look Into A REAL Competitors Peak Week. Go behind the curtains and see a peak week FULLY spelled out.
  • Turning Pro: A Story of Inspiration. Earning your pro card isn’t easy, but it can be done! Follow the journey of IFBB Pro Amy Watson (and Team RoxStar Athlete) and learn how she did it!
  • RoxStar Fitness Approach to Prep Revealed. In this final part of the eCourse, I am going to take you step by step through my general process of how I approach contest prep with my winning Team.
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