What Does It Take to Lose Weight? How Average Effort KILLING Your Fat Loss!

My Question to YOU: What Does It Take to Lose Weight? What Are YOU Really Bringing to the Table…?

You know, the one thing that always baffles me as a long time coach and personal trainer, is the sheer amount of folks who walk around SAYING that they want progress and change, yet they never truly rise to the occasion.

I’m not sure what it is… If it’s the culture and society that we live in nowadays that kind of has made everyone a little, well… Lazy.

Or if we’ve become so accostomed to being average that when it comes to stepping up to the plate and being GREAT, so many are at a loss as to what they need to do. I can tell you from PERSONAL experience that getting to your goals – no matter what they are – will take EFFORT.

It takes goes, FAR ABOVE and beyond. It takes focus, determination, and  a will to succeed – no matter what.

And honestly, so many of you are NOT bringing that to the plate. And if you’re not bringing that to the plate, then you can expect your goals to die before they even have a chance to truly take off and fly.

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So in today’s video, I want to take a step back and truly have an open conversation with you about EFFORT. And how putting hum drum average effort into your process is what’s likely holding you BACK the most.

Take a moment to watch today’s advice, and then let’s have a discussion below… I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts!

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