You Gotta EAT To Be Lean – Diet Tips for Fat Loss

Today’s video has got me SUPER PUMPED! We’re just a few hours away from some of my RoxStars stepping on stage this weekend. And that always makes me super excited, AND super nervous as well. Team RoxStar Figure Competitor, Ghabi Hernandez, is here in LA ready to compete fresh off of the Arnold Amateur. She keeps getting better and better! But today I also wanted to touch on something important.. And that’s diet tips for fat loss.

I Say This All The Time…

Now, I know that some of you who are reading this or about to view this video, are well into a contest prep. Or maybe,  you’re not even a competitor, but you are on a fat loss plan and simply trying to figure things out and get that diet right.

What I notice almost all the time as a coach is that so many of you just aren’t eating enough. Look, you’ve gotta be in a caloric deficit to see physical changes, but you shouldn’t be starving yourself.

Why? Well you stand to lose a ton of muscle for one, and that means a slowed metabolism. And nobody really needs to hurry along THAT process, right!? So what’s a gal to do you might ask…. Well, brace yourself…

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You must EAT TO BE LEAN! Food is your greatest ally, not your worst enemy.

You must EAT TO BE LEAN! Food is your greatest ally, not your worst enemy. Share on X

So now that I’ve planted that in your brain, I want you to watch today’s video. Oh and don’t mind me chowing down on Chipotle as I make my point, lol.

You Have to Eat to be Lean – Diet Tips for Fat Loss

Are YOUR Ready to Take Your Prep to the Next Level? Become a RoxStar!

One of the things I’m SUPER passionate about is developing athletes. I feel as a coach it is my job to not only bring a client to their best on the stage, but to also set them up for success OFF the stage.

This game of dieting and training for bodybuilding, whether you do figure, bikini, or physique, happens in your off season. It happens from you building a solid foundation well before you begin to prep. And then once you do prep, it’s about the most intelligent way to get to your goal with the main mission of keeping on as much muscle as you can, all while you drop body fat.

And that’s why it takes a coach who has been there, done that, done it for others, and has been proven to have a successful formula over, and over again.

If you’re ready to stop messing around with your prep, and to truly bring your absolute BEST YET to the stage, then you’ve gotta become a RoxStar!

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I have plans for any budget, and can help you to get to your goal in the safest, smartest, and healthiest way. Your plan is 100% customized to your needs and body. NO MORE COOKIE CUTTER GENERIC PROGRAMS! Everything I do is tweaked for the individual, and focused on driving them straight to the top of their game.

Click here to find out more about my contest prep services. And if you’re not a competitor, but you still want to work with me, no problem! You can enter your info as well and we’ll talk about my RoxStar Lifestyle Transformation Plan.





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