What Does It Mean To Be A Woman In Fitness? | Fitness Myths Debunked (Podcast)


What does it mean to be a woman? And what does it mean to be a woman in fitness today? In a changing world where gender norms are being challenged, and the once definitive definition of womanhood and femininity is now waning and morphing, today more than ever women need to learn how our bodies are in fact different than men when it comes to how we approach fitness.

In this podcast, I want to explore what this means. I want to challenge women to step outside of the box and train like a beast – all while further embracing and enhancing our innate birthright, our femininity.

I also want to challenge 5 common fitness myths that are constantly fed to women embarking on a fitness journey. Myths that will hold you back and thwart your progress. Let’s unpack them, dismantle them, and send you on a path inspired with new knowledge that will sculpt your body and change your life forever.

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