Meet Team Roxstar 2020: Wellness and Figure Competitors’ Contest Prep Breakdown

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

The 2020 contest prep season is WELL underway. As a coach and competitor myself, I cannot tell you how excited I am to see how this season winds up.

What I find most exciting is the introduction of the new wellness division!

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about wellness. This division has been around for quite a number of years in the IFBB International amateur division.

The IFBB amateur was once the international sect of the NPC. However, a few years ago they split from the NPC and IFBB Pro League due to a huge drama over judging that ensued with the kick off of the 2017 Amateur Olympia.

I remember when wellness was first introduced. Many of us thought it was a useless joke. We thought that perhaps they were looking for a slightly out of shape “beach” body type that belongs more in a wet t-shirt contest versus a bodybuilding stage.

Boy were we proven wrong!

I predict that this season is going to be a MAJOR success for the NPC and the IFBB with the introduction of this new division.

Already, the popularity of wellness can be seen by the number of women rushing to get on stage. And, the number of women I have contacting me to coach them for the upcoming season.

In fact, I even love it so much that I’m considering throwing my hat in the ring at the pro level! More on this in the next few weeks…

Meet My Roxstars! Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

With all of this excitement, I’m super happy to share with you – and introduce you to – the current roster of some my 2020 Team RoxStar Competitors!

These ladies have been putting in the work this off-season, and are ready to show the world what hard work, smart training, flexible dieting, and a determination to be their best looks like on stage.

These amazing women are all making their season debut this spring. So I thought it would be a great idea to bring you into our world! The world of my Spring 2020 wellness and figure competitors’ content prep – from start to finish.

Let me introduce you to my gals!

Faith B. – A Seasoned RoxStar Makes Her Return To The Stage. Wellness Division Debut + Figure Nationally Qualified Competitor

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ve probably heard about Faith’s amazing and inspiring story.

Faith has been a client of mine for over 3 years now. And words cannot describe how incredibly PROUD I am of her focus, drive, and tenacity.

The one thing about Faith’s physique is that she has incredible genetics to do exceptionally well in this sport.

One of my biggest concerns for her, as her coach, has always been her size. As a figure competitor, I’ve always felt she can and will do so well, provided that she can put on the muscle she needs.

Let’s face it, figure nowadays is just SO big and hard. And when we’re talking about the top national level part of the sport, these girls are carrying a lot of mature and dense muscularity.

With her eyes set on one day turning pro, Faith has a lot to consider as to what her best moves will be, and changes she needs to reach the ranks of the IFBB.

As a 100% natural athlete, I suggested that she jump into the new wellness division.

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

I truly feel like her physique represents the NPC wellness division best. Or at least where she currently looks like for this season.

She has an incredible X-frame, a tiny waist, smaller muscularity overall, and super developed legs and glutes.

All of these make the perfect foundation for a wellness competitor.

We just started her prep, and already her body is responding so well.

Right now, she’s steadily dropping body fat and losing inches on 2000 calories per day, and minimal cardio.

Now, trust that this WILL adjust and change as we get further along in her prep. We started with a 16 week prep, and we’re focused on stepping on stage in late May. She’ll also be competing in a second show in August.

Our first plan of action is getting on stage in wellness to get a feel if this is truly the right move for her. And then later on this year, we will go back to her first love – figure.

So far, I’m excited with how her body is responding, and looking forward to the road ahead.

Ursula M. – Samoan Chieftess Making an Impact & Inspiring Her People Through Figure

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

The next RoxStar I’m super excited to introduce you to has an amazing story that is sure to inspire.

One day, a few weeks ago, I had gotten a clarity call application from a woman who is looking to make a major impact in the world.

She told me of this amazing story of wanting to become a force to be reckoned with within the Samoan community. And doing that by way of becoming one of the first native Samoan professional competitive bodybuilders in the world.

As a Samoan chieftess, this opportunity is an accomplishment that can not only make her family proud, but inspire her people to better health and fitness.

In her own words, she describes for you exactly what her title is.

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I hold my Father’s High Chief title “Aiono” in my family village of Faleniu in American Samoa. The Samoan female tattoo on my thighs is called a “Malu” specifically given for the daughter of a High Chief and/or Talking Chief. Now, it is more open to have females request to have it to carry on behalf of their families.

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

I LOVE a client with a big story, and a drive to dream big.

So far, we are right on track when it comes to her progress. In the next coming weeks of her prep, I’ll be going into detail about exactly how we’re prepping her for her upcoming figure show.

She is 6 weeks out and looking incredible.

Kendra M. – Gaining Self-Confidence and Finding Her Love for Figure

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

You guys had a chance to learn about Kendra’s journey last year.

For the longest time, Kendra had this crazy dream of stepping on a bodybuilding stage.

She LOVES looking athletic, and feeling strong. She also loves having the look of a competitor, and carrying some serious muscle on her frame.

Kendra’s story started out as a triumph of losing over 30 pounds on her own. This before we worked together. By the time she became a RoxStar, she was driven to bring her best, and really reach a physical level she’s literally only ever dreamed of.

Dealing With Hypothyroidism

Wellness and Figure Competitors Contest Prep

This off-season has been an interesting journey for us.

After some prompting, Kendra had gotten some bloodwork done that revealed that she was slightly hypothyroid.

When she’d gotten this diagnosis, she felt like it explained so much of her frustrating journey to weight loss all this time.

I’ll tell you what, as a coach I can say that it’s always a great relief to find out that any non-response of a client’s body has a possible reason. One that can be medically treated is even better.

Now that we’ve gotten over that hurdle, I feel like we’ve been hitting a steady stride.

Kendra is still a good 14 weeks out from her show at this point. So stay tuned as we kick this baby to the next level.

Lisa W. – Busy Mom and Accomplished Doctor Takes on Figure at 50

You know what I love about my clients…? Every single day I have a woman who defies what limits we put on age.

I don’t say stuff like 40 is the new 30 because I think we should celebrate where we are, and how far we’ve come in life.

Lisa is doing exactly that this season.

A woman at the height of her career, Lisa is a busy new mom and doctor with a very successful practice.

After training for a number of years, her biggest challenge right now lies in seeing exactly how far she can take her physique.

We started her contest prep endeavors WAY before deciding to actually prep. For the last few months, we were mostly focused on building her physique.

To be honest, that’s a challenge for women who have been super focused on fat loss for most of their fitness life.

Needless to say, we had an incredibly great pre-season lean build. And we’re already on our way to presenting her best look ever later this summer.

For now, Lisa is already in the swing of the beginning phases of her contest prep. And we’re even perfecting her posing as well.

Kristi S. – First Time Competitor Jumps Into Wellness and Figure

What do you do when your structure is one of those physiques that straddles between two divisions?

Why, you decide to prep for BOTH and see where your best look lands.

That’s the fun and interesting journey Kristi and I are taking this season.

Kristi came to me with the goal of stepping on stage for the very first time. But like so many new competitors, she had no idea where she would fit in.

With a frame that is a bit too muscular for bikini, yet with the foundation for having a solid physique for figure, I urged her to take a stab at the new wellness category.

And really, in her mind she was already curiously leaning towards that. Therefore, convincing her wasn’t a problem – at all!

But even with this decision, we both still feel she has a structure that might do well in both figure and wellness.

My Perspective on Which Division is Right for Her…

As a Coach, when I look at Kristi’s shape, I can say that she has such a great sense of poise and elegance in her frame to knock out any figure stage.

I would say that she still has a bit of a way to go with adding solid size to her overall physique to be super competitive in figure. With that being said, she has a great foundation for a strong start as a newbie.

When it comes to wellness, she has the size needed to certainly look great next to any competitor. To be super competitive in future shows, she’ll need to fill out her legs more. But like any first time competitor, this kind of development happens well after one’s first show – and subsequent off season.

On the other hand, I think this is the perfect time to jump into the wellness division for any competitor.

The debut of a new division is a great opportunity to just have fun, and really help the judges to flesh out what the official look of the division is.

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With that can come some unexpected successes, and a chance to truly enjoy the newness of it all.

So far things are moving along fantastically for her.

Nothing compares to good coaching AND a truly coachable client coming together to create magic.

Alisha T. – All Natural Wellness Competitor Representing The Caribbean In Her First Show Ever

Wellness and figure competitor contest prep

I’ve got to tell you that the wellness division will be well represented with my Team Roxstar clients!

The physique that Alisha is set to bring to the stage is no joke!

Alisha found her way into my orbit wanting to give competing a go. But like many of the women who come to me, she just didn’t know where to begin.

What I hope you keep seeing in each of my clients’ stories is that they all have a common theme.

Maybe you’re in the same boat too…

Wanting to get on stage, look your best, and ENJOY the experience. All while fully trusting the process, since your health is a top center priority.

As a nurse, this too was one of Alisha’s biggest concerns.

Against the Backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, Alisha Has Been Steadily Shining as Bright as the Sun

Hailing from the island of Antigua, Alisha has her eyes set on the Antigua & Barbuda Bodybuilding Championships in June.

This has been a long and inspiring road for her.

We started off focusing on simply establishing a strong foundation with her diet and training, well in advance of her contest prep.

A steady reverse diet (alongside some serious heavy training) put us in a position to start her diet well over 2200 calories at the beginning of prep.

I’ve got to say, I’m very happy with how things are moving along.

Our biggest focus this prep is going to be in trying to keep her very long limbs looking full. This is a common problem among taller athletes. Alisha is 5’10!

Shorter athletes have a tendency to have muscle bellies that look rounder due to short distances between muscle attachment points.

Tall athletes, on the other hand, often have elongated muscle bellies, with attachment points stretched across a longer bone structure.

We want to avoid looking stringy on stage. And that’s going to require the proper combination of diet and heavy training.

Progress is a Steady Road

Alisha’s been steadily working hard on nailing her diet, and continuing to set new personal records in the weight room.

In her most recent posing lesson, I was starting to see some lines and definition pop out in her abs and quads.

So it’s only a matter of time before the rest of it all comes together.

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Are You an All Natural Athlete Ready to Hit the Stage This Season? Let’s Work Together!

As of the 2020 contest season, I’ve decided to specialize in working with all natural competitors in the bikini, figure, wellness and women’s physique divisions.

If you’re looking to compete either this year, or even next year, and you would like to work with me as your coach, I want to talk to you!

There are two ways you can take your next steps.

If you’re kind of in that decision phase, and you want to simply find out more information about my coaching program, then I want you to click here.

There you’ll see a video presentation where you can learn all of the details about working with me. From identifying if this is the right option for you, to what you can expect from me as your coach – and why my approach is so different.

It will answer a lot of your questions before taking the plunge to get on a call to discuss your next options.

If you’ve already seen that video, or you’re in a place where you’re ready to take action NOW, then I want you to click here and set up a complimentary call.

You and I will have a discussion over a 30-minute call about your competition goals, and see if we can devise a game plan to make that dream a reality.

If we feel it’s the right move for you, then we will discuss how to get you started.

I hope today’s article was inspiring for you, and motivates you to dare to wish big, step out of your comfort zone, and take the next steps to getting YOU on stage soon.

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