The 3 Phrases That Will TRANSFORM Your Fitness & Your Life: I Can, I Will, I MUST

You know what, I cannot take full credit for this phrase. But I tell you what, it’s a phrase that can LITERALLY transform your fitness if you let it…

I can, I will, I MUST… (Transform Your Fitness & Your Life)


These are words I heard first proclaimed by the amazing motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

I tell you what though… The universe gives you exactly what you need, when you need it. And as of late, I’ve been listening to a LOT of motivational speeches every single morning; oftentimes, during my workout as well.

And that’s when I heard those 3 words right from Eric Thomas via a song on Spotify.

It stayed with me the whole day, and I started to think about how 3 short phrases can literally transform your life, your fitness, and whether or not you actually obtain your goals.

So I took to my video camera, and shared these words. And actually this is a small part of a larger body of work featured in my most recent contest prep vlog that you can check out right here.

Share with me your thoughts! How much does this fire YOU up?!

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