Top 10 Tips to Consider Before You Hire an Online Contest Prep Coach

So, you’re looking to hire an online contest prep coach

With SOO MANY options, it’s hard to know who’s REALLY good, and who you can trust. It seems like EVERYBODY and their grandmother are online coaches now. And with the advent and boom of sites like Instagram and Snapchat, calling oneself a prep coach is SO easy!

But as a potential client, how do YOU know if that person is any good? And how do YOU know if they can be trusted with the most valuable asset you have… Your health. And even further…

Your sanity during your prep!

We hear SO MANY horror stories about folks who end up working with a coach who just simply doesn’t know what they’re doing. And so I want to clear the air a bit, and give you some things to consider when it’s time for you to plan your contest prep season.

Today, let’s discuss exactly that and the top 10 things you need to consider BEFORE hiring a contest prep coach!


Top 10 Tips to Consider Before You Hire an Online Contest Prep Coach





What are your thoughts? Is there anything you’d add for those who may be looking for a prep coach? What kind of advice would you give yourself when you first started (if you are a seasoned competitor)? Or, if you are new, what further questions do you have in regards to hiring an online contest prep coach?

Post your comments below!


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