Week 3 Figure Prep Training Vlog Wrap Up | Dating as a Muscle Girl


Reflection… That’s what this week is all about for me.

I decided to change things up a little more with my blogging, and with my video blogs particularly on my my YouTube Channel. To open myself up more to you… To let folks in. To let them see even more of what I can share.

Through training. My process. Through my nutrition, and my goals for myself right now.

So starting with this post – and the YouTube vlog along with it – I’m opening a new chapter. And just letting you in for the ride. This week for me was the first time that I could say to myself, “Ok Roxie, this is it. We are officially in figure prep training. We are REALLY doing this thing.”

And with that…

My mojo came back. My fire came back… My drive came back.



So getting in the gym has felt – freeing.


And just like home again.

I say this to clients a lot as of late but… It’s OK to not always be 100% on. It’s OK to allow yourself to step away from the intensity of the fitness lifestyle every so often. Because that’s just LIFE.

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That’s just how it works, you know. We can’t always be 100% on, 100% of the time. Eventually you do find your way back. BUT, you have to fight for it. The one thing I’ve never done is give up. Even when I wasn’t feeling quite myself, or feel like rolling up in the gym – I’d do it anyways. I’d go. I’d show up. So then by the time I finally got my shit together… I didn’t have to start from zero.

So that’s my encouragement for you for this week.

If you’ve been feeling like totally BLAH – just accept it. Be ok with it. But work through it… And find that thing FOR YOU that gets you off your butt and keeps you going. Dig deep. Stay as focused as you can. Because when that drive finds you again, you’ll be happier that you have a good foundation to build from than you would have had , had you given up.

So on that note… Let’s go ahead and take a look at my workouts for this week and discuss some of the craziness that is dating when you look like a goddamn superhero – and how that sucks!


Week 3 Figure Prep Training Vlog Wrap Up | Dating as a Muscle Girl


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