(Video) Wk 4: Leg Training, Track Running, & My Life as an Online Contest Prep Coach – Part 1

Wk4 | Leg Day + My Life as an Online Prep Coach Pt1



Ask me what I enjoy most about what I do… About being an online contest prep coach… And I’ll tell you that it’s the incredible ability to help influence someone’s life in an extremely positive way.

I’ll tell you that it is the joy in seeing a client work to their absolute best – and succeed. It’s about seeing that person push through, even when they feel like quitting. And then coming out of the end of it all, feeling accomplished. Driven, focused to be better the next time.

I got into this game because of my own passion for the sport… And wanting to help others to find their way to success on the stage, the right way. The sane way.



Too many folks out there call themselves “coaches”, but they don’t live up to the gravity of what that role holds.


To “coach” means to lead. To guide. To give someone the roadmap to success, and to nurture that person to the best version of themselves. It’s not simply writing a plan, and sending it off into the interwebs… And then ignoring a client until they send back an update.

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It’s teaching. It’s being that shoulder to cry on when things don’t go as planned. But then planting the seed in that client to get back up, get focused, and do what it is they want to do.

So today, I want to take you to the gym with me…

Talk about my leg program from last week, and show you step by step what I’ve been doing to shape up these hips, butt and thighs of mine. I also want to take you to the track with me! I’m showing you my kick ass cardio workout I hit up while there, and giving you a little history as to why that particular track means something to me.

And then finally, I’m going to give you a fly on the wall view of what my life is like as I manage clients, and help them to bring their best to the stage.

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