Strength Training Tips Every REAL Female Lifter Should Consider

Ok so I want to sit down and have a SERIOUS talk. You know, it’s easy to search around online to find “strength training tips for women”. I dare you to go ahead and look. Tons of stuff comes up, some of it useful and some of it is absolute bullsh*t some of it not…

But what I want to get into today is all about exploring some REAL tips that you, the SERIOUS female lifter not only should consider… But what you NEED to consider as you embark on your training program looking to put on some serious size, and strength! So let’s jump right in, no fluff, and get to the nitty-gritty of the most IMPORTANT things you’ve got to bring to the table to earn those results.

Tip #1: Lift and Lift HEAVY

Now, if you have read ANYTHING I’ve ever written before, or follow me on social media/YouTube/etc, then you know how much I really emphasize the point of lifting heavy. I cannot stress to you enough about how important challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone is. Too many women are stuck in this rut of trying to avoid getting “bulky.” And honestly, it’s hurting your progress if you’re still stuck in that mind-fuck. Ladies LET IT GOOOOO!

Like Elsa singing from the damned snowcapped mountains, you’ve got to just leave that kind of thinking behind!

Look, one of the things that help to build strength, and increase muscle is, OF COURSE, lifting heavy. And really, heavy is a relative term. Whether you’re doing 8 reps or 25, by the time you hit that FINAL REP, you shouldn’t be able to do any more than that.

Tip #2: Keep a Logbook and TRACK Your Workouts

Ponder this…

How can you have ANY idea where you are going, if you don’t know where you came from? It blows my mind how so many women out there are NOT logging their workouts! Now, let me candidly ask you… Do YOU track your workouts – every single time you go to the gym?

Honey! Girlfriend, if you are not… You’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to be able to stay in complete control of your training – but even more importantly… So see with your very own eyes how much you are ACTUALLY progressing.

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It’s so easy to just show up to the gym, and kind of float along. But when you start taking ACTIVE PARTICIPATION into your own success, that’s when you really start to see your body take off. And something SO simple as keeping track of your workouts can be such an invaluable asset.

When you’re at the gym, don’t just guess your weights – and how much you should be lifting. Record every single workout, and push yourself. Each time you hit the gym again, make it a game about simply beating your numbers. Do not hold anything back. Really try your best to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

The act of simply recording your lifts not only helps you to KEEP raising the bar, but also allows you to really focus on the thing that’s the MOST important in all of this. Empowering yourself, and building strength, by way of every rep, every set, and every workout.

Tip #3: Train Lagging Body Parts More Frequently

The next thing you need to start paying attention to as a more advanced trainee is breaking up your training in a way to look to bring symmetry and balance to your body. Let’s face it, we ALL have those body parts that are not as developed as some of our stronger muscles. And that’s a great time to step back for a moment and see what you can do to improve that.

When a client works with me, that’s one of the first things I do. Whether you’re a competitor looking to improve her x-frame or a non-competitor simply looking to mold and shape the perfect Coke Bottle Body, bringing up lagging body parts is the core of what can help you to take your training to that next level.

No longer is it about losing JUST those few pounds, but now it’s about getting stronger, AND… Building the body, and that’s what we all want to do at the end of the day, once you get to the more advanced ranks of gym rat experience.

Tip #4: Eat To Be STRONG

The final tip I want to leave you with today is all about your nutrition. You’ve heard me say this a gazillion times before, but you must EAT to be lean!

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There’s no way in HELL that you’re going to be able to improve strength or see any kind of progress if you are not feeding yourself. And many women out there simply aren’t eating enough. I can’t stress to you the importance of eating for PERFORMANCE AND GROWTH.

Essentially, that’s going to mean eating in a bit of a caloric surplus to be able to put on lean muscle, with very little fat. To get the proper amount to see improvements in strength performance, and muscle enhancement, you want to start off with just a small surplus of about 5-10% ADDITIONAL calories above maintenance.

If you are choosing from healthy varieties of protein, fats, and carbs – you absolutely cannot go wrong. And… You won’t put on a ton of excess fat.

But the MOST important part of all of this – this whole equation – is that you step OUTSIDE OF THE BOX… And do the things that challenge you the most, so that you can see tremendous progress and a full transformation over time.

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