4 Ways to SHOCK Lagging Stubborn Muscles to GROW for Women

4 Ways to SHOCK Lagging Stubborn Muscles to GROW for Women

We all have at least one – those stubborn lagging muscles that don’t seem to want to grow, no matter what the heck you do. Today let’s discuss 4 easy to apply training tips that you should be doing RIGHT NOW that will make you put on size and get those lagging stubborn muscles to GROW quickly!

Increase Overall Volume

  • Undulating rep ranges – increase weight each set while decreasing reps
  • Doing more reps than you’re used to – 5 to 6 sets.

Adding in Advanced Training Techniques

  • Performing pyramids and drop sets to do more work, and expose muscle to more damage
  • Myo reps and FST 7 is GREAT for advanced ways to shock a muscle into growth
  • Occlusion training is another way to do some good damage to a muscle and help enhance growth

Time Under Tension is an Overlooked Crucial Component

  • Tempo play and focusing on the negative can have a positive impact on muscle growth
  • Power training is often overlooked but is great for increasing strength, tonality, and muscle size

Increased Frequency

  • Hitting a muscle two times a week for a few weeks using the above principles can bring about rapid progress
  • Keep a 2 or 3 of rest in between your training days for the part you’re focusing on.
  • Full recovery is key so you can power out your next workout.
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