Cheat Meal Tips: How to Cheat on Your Diet The Right Way

It’s Friday…

And if you’re like any of my clients or myself, that means you’ll be enjoying a CHEAT MEAL this weekend. But do you ever actually feel AFRAID to indulge? Ever been at a point where you KNOW you usually go overboard, so you like to avoid cheat meals altogether? Or, do you feel guilty just going off of your plan, even if just for ONE day or ONE meal, because you feel like it’s going to RUIN everything?

Well guess what…

You’re not alone! So, today I want to discuss with you some of my top tips to help you to get over the cheat meal guilt trip! And, have you embrace a dieting tactic which can be crucial for your long-term success on any diet plan.

Cheat Meal Tips: How to Cheat on Your Diet The Right Way

  • Plan it ahead of time – know what you want to have
  • See the cheat meal as a PART of your diet – in fact, change your nomenclature. Call it a “free meal”
  • Use it as a time to kill cravings
  • Keep it as the final meal of the day
  • Designate a specific day to have it each week, and plan it around special occasions and holidays
  • Drop the guilt trip
  • Get in a good workout that day so your body can USE those extra calories
  • Get back on plan the next day.

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