Qiana Drops 30 lbs w/ High Fat & Intermittent Fasting

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my incredible RoxStars who has an uplifting story to share.

When it comes to the case for fat loss, I have one fundamental rule:

There are no absolutes.

What works for one person may not work for everyone. That’s why it’s crucial to discover what works specifically for you in your fat loss journey.

As an online coach, this is something I take great pride in: listening to my clients and being open to unconventional approaches to find what works best for them.

And that brings us to the essence of today’s post.

Allow me to introduce Qiana Adams, a client of RoxStar Fitness, who achieved an impressive weight loss of 30 pounds through a high-fat diet and intermittent fasting.

A Remarkable Transformation: 30 Pounds Lost in 6 Months.

6 Months of Fat Loss – 30 Pound Difference.

Let me provide you with a bit of background. Qiana was working diligently on her program. Despite the amazing results she has achieved, her journey hasn’t been easy.

She approached me after a challenging contest preparation period with another coach. Despite going back to her precontest plan and following the prescribed hours of cardio, she experienced rapid weight gain.

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Qiana started her journey with me in a desperate state.

It was my responsibility to take control, slow things down, increase her calorie intake, and help her body recover. It took time, but eventually, we achieved that goal.

One day, she approached me about incorporating intermittent fasting into her diet and protocol. Drawing from my own experience with this approach, I agreed. We witnessed some remarkable progress when combined with a customized macro setup tailored to her body.

Imagine consuming over 100 grams of fat per day and still losing fat, all while consuming over 2000 calories.

Well, that’s exactly what happened! Without further delay, I present Qiana’s story.

Take a moment to listen to her podcast – a moving and inspiring account of her journey.


And if you are frustrated with what’s been going on with YOUR fat loss efforts, and you want to start winning at this game again – and do it with my help…

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