Qiana Drops 30 lbs w/ High Fat & Intermittent Fasting

I want to take today to introduce you to one of my amazing RoxStars who has an inspiring story to share.

My number one rule in the case for fat loss is this:


The only absolute is that there are NO absolutes…


And in that respect, what works for one doesn’t always work for all. And it’s also why it’s dually important to find out exactly what works FOR YOU when it comes to your fat loss efforts.

As an online coach, it’s something that I really pride myself in…

Listening to my clients, and being willing to step outside of the box to try different approaches, and find what works FOR THEM.

And that’s what’s at the very heart of today’s post.

Meet RoxStar Fitness Client Qiana Adams Who Lost 30 Pounds Through a High Fat Diet and Intermittent Fasting


intermittent fasting

6 Months of Fat Loss – 30 Pound Difference.


Now, I’ll give you a little history. Qiana and I have been working together for about 3 years (at the time of this article). And it hasn’t been an easy road for her.

She came to me off of a contest prep, and during that time, she had a REALLY ROUGH prep (with another coach). The aftermath found her gaining weight at a rapid pace – despite being back on her precontest plan and doing the hours of cardio prescribed to her by the trainer.

She found me, and started with me in a pretty desperate position. 

It was up to me to take the reigns, slow things down, bring up her calories, and try to help her body to recover. And really, it took a while but eventually we had gotten there.

One day, she came to me to find out my opinion about her possibly doing intermittent fasting as a part of her diet set up and protocol. And me, having experience with it as a dieting tactic and tool, I had agreed. We then saw some amazing magic happening when paired with the proper macro set up to match HER body.

Imagine, eating over 100g of fat a day, and STILL LOSING FAT… Even while eating over 2000 calories.

Well that’s exactly what happened! So without further ado, I present Qiana’s story!

Take a moment to listen to her emotional, inspiring, and touching podcast below. (You may download it as an mp3 file as well!)


And if you are frustrated with what’s been going on with YOUR fat loss efforts, and you want to start winning at this game again – and do it with my help…

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