Ready to Shine: 3 Masters Figure Competitors Poised to Step on Stage

Man, what can I say…?

As a contest prep coach, it’s my duty to challenge my clients, guide them to the stage in the most healthy and responsible way that I can, and ultimately help them to bring their absolute best up there.

The story always starts out the same…

A client reaches out to me with a list of shows in mind, and goals for the season. We then sit and discuss this game plan, and then put it into action.

For a lot of my clients that means starting an official contest prep plan about 25, 20 to 16 weeks out from showtime. And most times, it’s the former as I really like to take clients through a nice long and steady prep – with the goal of preserving as much muscle as we can, all while consistently driving down body fat.

The three clients I am going to introduce you to are 3 of my top women.

Each has competed with me at least once (one in fact has been a client of mine for FOUR YEARS), and each have seen some tremendous progress and change since we’ve started in our first season together.

What’s even more remarkable, all three of these women will be heading into Masters Nationals this week, going against some of the TOP NPC athletes in the US.

Just writing that, as their coach, makes me SO incredibly excited.

So let me introduce each of them one by one, because they each have an amazing story to tell. One that will inspire you, and motivate you – and have you cheering for them as they take their next steps on the stage.


NPC Masters Figure Competitor: Monica Carson

ggs 2016Show History Since Becoming a RoxStar Fitness Client:

2014 Denver Open – Novice Figure 4th, Open Figure B 4th, Master’s Figure 35+ 2nd

2014 Colorado State – Masters Figure 35+ 2nd, Open Figure C 4th

2015 Mile High – Open Figure Class B 1st, Masters Figure 35+ 1st

2015 NPC Los Angeles – Open Figure Class B 2nd, Masters Figure 35+ 1st, Overall Winner Masters Figure

2016 NPC Greater Gulf States – Masters Figure 35+ 3rd, Open Figure 6th

2016 Team Universe (NPC Universe) – Masters Figure 35+ 11th, Open Figure


As you can see from each of her show placings, Monica has improved SO MUCH. And these shows have been pretty stacked against some great competition. So I’m very excited for her to hit the stage this season with the amazing improvements we’ve made in her off season.

We spent the last few months since her final show in 2015 really improving her shape. She needed more muscle, and to increase her shoulder/lats to waist ratio to improve her X frame. In addition, we put in A LOT of work for her lower half – focusing on increasing size in her glutes and hams, and improving her quad sweep as well.

Each of those areas will greatly affect the look of her body and bring out that x frame as well.

Monica is actually going into her THIRD show of the season, so training smarter each time is the name of the game.

For her prep into this show, I pushed cardio to 1 hour a day, 6 days a week. Most days, that would break down to about 45 mins in the morning, and about 15 mins post workout.

My MAIN goal for her was bringing a tighter package to this stage – tighter than she had been all season.

And boy has it been going well!

Strength training was still 6 days a week, with a full day off. And her meals were a carb cycle approach which is perfect for getting us to perfect her peak as she moves closer to the show.

Suffice to say, as we have gotten closer to Masters Nationals, the work she has put in is so evident, and the fact that she will be showing off her very best this week is without a doubt. She is MUCH leaner than her shows earlier this season, so I am excited to see his final look on stage.


Monica Carson at 3 Days Out from Masters Nationals




NPC Masters Competitor:  Carolyn Kimmel

2158263Show History Since Becoming a RoxStar Fitness Client:

2015 – First Ever NPC Figure Show 1st in Grand Master’s (40 and up), 3rd in True Novice

2016 – NPC Chicago Extravaganza – Masters Over 50 2nd Place, Over 40 6th Place, Over 30 2nd Place, Open Figure 4th Place.


I call Carolyn my 50 year old phenom!

I mean LITERALLY, from out of the gate with her first show last year, she has truly knocked the game out of the park.

In fact, she qualified for the national level at her first show!

She spent a great deal of time working hard in her off season to bring up her shape. What has emerged by showtime has been this amazing strong balanced physique that has really shown well on stage.

After the Chicago show, my goal has been to bring her in much tighter.

I love doing warm up shows for clients because it allows them to get the nerves out, and gets them to even bring a tighter package to the stage for their next show.

Initially, Carolyn had her eyes set on just jumping into the national level – as her first show of the season. But after SUCH a strong showing in Chicago, we were both glad we made the move to do the warm up show.

Since the NPC Chicago, we pretty much sailed in on the same protocol which was our winning formula for Chicago.

And the results of that for Carolyn is a MUCH tighter physique!

This is going to be Carolyn’s first national level show, and I am super excited to see how she does up there. She’ll be competing in 3 class, over 30, over 40 and over 50 in Masters Figure.

Carolyn at 2 Days Out from Masters Nationals



NPC Masters Competitor:  Samantha Towe


Sam is so ready to go it isn’t funny.

Last year she competed in her first NPC national level show’s (Junior USA) and placed 4th in her class – straight out of the gate.

For this show, she’ll be competing in the 35+ and 45+ categories, and I am super excited to see her up there. We spent the last 14 weeks bringing this look together, so as a coach it gives me GREAT joy to see things fall into place so beautifully for a client in the last days.

Sam’s training was pretty intense this prep in order for her to reach the levels of conditioning that’s being rewarded for the division this season.

Carb cycling with her diet was really one of the crucial keys to her final look, and allowing us to get her to lean out the way we wanted to for this show.

The final 4 weeks going into the show, we cranked up cardio to do a nice mix of steady state cardio, intervals and hiit. Most of it was 45 mins in the morning 6 days a week, and between 25 to 30 mins post workout (intervals and a mix of high intensity SS cardio) post workout 5 days a week.

She did her strength training 6 days a week. So we always had one full week off.

I tell you this to show you how much work it actually DOES take to get this look.

It’s not something that can be had with just doing the bare minimum. It’s important that if you want to play in this game, acknowledging that stepping up your game and being willing to train harder than you ever have is a crucial step.

With reverse dieting, and really just making sure to take care when adding food and training back into the equation after the show, Sam will see very little rebound, and can easily transition into normalcy thereafter as she embarks on an off season.

Sam at 2 Days Out From Masters Nationals

Sam Towe 2 Days Out Masters Nats



Next week I will follow up with you guys about how they all do! I’m super excited to see them up there. This is what I as a coach work so hard for – alongside each and every one of them.


Interested in working with me?


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