3 Ways to Get Quicker Results From Your Workouts

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It’s a new month, and a new opportunity to take your training, nutrition, and goals to the next level. If you’ve been feeling a little stuck, maybe hit a plateau, I want to discuss THREE super quick and easy ways to spice it up, and get FAST results.


Stop Mixing Things Up – Focused on Perfecting Your Program

  • Muscle confusion isn’t a real thing.
  • Think like an athlete. Repetition breeds success.
    • Each week focus on how you can get better and better with every move.
  • It takes the ligaments, tendons and joints LONGER to acclimate to training stimuli than the actual muscle itself.
    • Jumping around too much can lead to injury.
    • Doesn’t really teach the body to be stronger and more efficient on a functional level when you’re constantly mixing it up.
  • Consider a periodized approach to training instead.
    • Helps to create a solid base and foundation for more serious and advanced training down the line
    • Can help you to really see how much you are progressing from week to week.


Start Keeping A Training Journal

  • Don’t just go into the gym and “wing” it.
  • The absolute best way to solidly see actual strength gains is by recording your workouts consistently.
  • Doing this will also help you to stay connected to what you’re doing, and the pursuit of beating your numbers. Besting your best.
  • Intensity plays a major role in progress and physical change.
  • Keeping an eye on how much you’re pushing intensity in the gym gives you a better perspective of what you can improve from week to week.
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Get Accountable – Get Help!

  • Being able to set goals is a CRUCIAL part of this process.
    • Having someone tasked to keep you focused and on track can mean the difference between success and failure.
    • Goals should be set specifically – and should be time bound. Having a start and end date in mind.
    • Your goals need to MEAN SOMETHING to you.
  • The problem isn’t that you don’t know WHAT to do, it’s often that you don’t know how to put it together.
  • We live in an era of TOO MUCH information.
  • Analysis Paralysis takes over when you try to cherry pick from everywhere vs. get super specific about what YOUR body needs to see changes.
  • Work with a coach, or even better a mentor who can take you to the next level.
    • You hire professionals to do the things you don’t know how to do in everyday life – why not your fitness?
    • Results isn’t JUST about getting on a new plan, but it’s about setting goals, shifting your mindset, and setting you up for success in ways you probably can’t do for yourself right now.
  • Establishing new habits take time, and takes assistance, and you being willing to be open to that is crucial in getting the results you want to see.


Get In My FREE Masterclass Now – Let Me Teach You the ONE SIMPLE SHIFT You MUST Make to See Incredible Changes Right Now.

Changing your body is NEVER as easy as everyone make it seem is it?

  • Just change your diet they said.
  • Do more cardio they said.
  • Add weight training they said.
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Well, you’ve done all that, and you’re working hard. But nothing is working and you’re tired, frustrated, upset, and almost ready to quit. But you’re no quitter.

You’re ready to do something about it.

Let me tell you this… The fitness industry has been lying to you. There’s one CRUCIAL step you MUST take right now if getting results means everything to you.

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