How Many Calories to Eat to Lose Weight


RoxStar Fitness Nutrition Mantra:


You Must EAT to be lean.

EAT to be strong.

EAT to have the body of your dreams.

FOOD is your greatest ally, not your worst enemy.


  • The problem with MOST women is that they aren’t eating enough.
    • If you eat too few calories, you’re going to hit stalls and plateaus.
    • If you’ve been dieting for some time, you would probably stand to see further progress if you RAISE your calories.
  • How many meals you eat a day isn’t a major issue. It still comes down to the fact that you need to make sure you’re eating enough to gently coax the body to change.
  • If you’re cutting out entire macro groups, you’re likely going to find yourself on a plan in which you cannot sustain longterm.
  • Don’t just cut out foods simply because the industry labels them bad.
    • Gluten free, no carbs, super low fat, eliminating fruits. These are all dieting tactics, and YES they can work. But they can also distort your perception about healthy eating – and in many cases isn’t fully necessary.
  • Though MUST cheat to be lean.
    • Allowing diet breaks, refeeds, and higher calorie days where you are eating close to maintenance is a great way to BOOST metabolism and get off of plateaus.
    • How often you do this is on an individual basis.

The Simple Math to Figure Out How Many Calories Per Day.


15 x BW in Pounds. Then subtract 20% from that…

  • Take 15 x BW = Roughly total calories needed for your day.
  • If you have a slower metabolism try 13 or 14 x BW.
  • Then subtract 20% from that
  • This will start you off with a deficit of 20% of total calories per day.
  • Adjust this amount if needed by either adding or subtracting a few calories per day once you put it in place and see how your body responds/
  • Dropping about 1 to 2 pounds a week is ideal. Any more or less, then adjust your plan accordingly.
  • The rest of your caloric burn should come from exercise. Aim to burn an additional 500 or so calories per day through activity.
  • Use a tracking watch or heart rate monitor.
  • The goal of ANY fat loss plan is to try to keep in as many calories as you can, all while losing fat.
    • This also ensure you preserve muscle to a greater degree, and you lose primarily body fat in the process.
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