4 NO Bullshit Steps to Getting REAL Results in the Gym


Today, I want to kick off this week with talking to you about something that has not only helped me over the years, but is a cornerstone to how my clients work too.

There’s something about settling a goal, venturing out to get what you want, but along the way making notes, speaking it into existence, and holding yourself accountable to making it happen.

I’m talking about journaling. Keeping a logbook. And making a concerted effort to put your goals front center in getting what you want.

I’ll tell you what…

You wouldn’t be in front of me without this ritualistic practice I’ve cultivated over the years.

  • I wouldn’t have a business.
  • Wouldn’t have moved to LA 10 years ago.
  • Wouldn’t have competed successfully nor turned pro.

And my clients wouldn’t have the successes they personally see along their fitness journey and lifestyle.

And it all starts with a simple act…

  • Writing down your goals.
  • Drafting the game plan.
  • Putting it all in action.
  • Staying accountable.

Let’s breakdown what each of these mean.

Step 1: Writing Down Your Goals

Here’s what I want you to do. This is the same thing I require my clients to do and send me each week… Write down 3 things you want to accomplish during the week. Those goals, as they relate to your fitness should focus on 3 things:

A Nutrition Goal

Think about something you can be doing better when it comes to your nutrition. Something you wish to improve to make sure you stay on point. Make it your personal mission to accomplish knocking that goal out of the park so your diet can lead you to better results.

A Training Goal

If you’re used to just showing up at the gym with little true focus and a plan, this will be a great chance to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. What can you do better in the gym? Want to add more weight to an exercise or master a lift? Write down a training goal that takes your focus OFF of simply aesthetics, and places an emphasis on peak performance each week.

A Mindset/Habit Goal

This one is the most crucial of the 3. Look at things that you need to adjust for yourself that often holds you back. Maybe you have a habit of letting social media make you feel like you’re not getting results like others – adjust that thinking. Maybe you have a habit of not setting aside time for YOU, and everyone else comes first. Set a goal to give you more “YOU” time. Whatever YOU need to get ahead.

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Here’s the one thing you have to keep in mind about goal setting…

It has to MEAN SOMETHING to you.

Deeply. In your gut. Like if you don’t complete them successfully – you’ll feel like you’re missing out.

I know others will coddle you and say that goals should be “realistic and attainable”. But when did SAFE goals every push ANYONE? Safe goals are for those who are too afraid to be beyond mediocre. That’s not you. So dream and dream big, then do the following….

Step 2: Drafting the Game Plan

You’ll never succeed at your goals without a plan. In fact they say a goal without a plan is a wish.

You and I know that wishing gets you nowhere. But taking action is the KEY to seeing your body transform like never before. So take a moment to WRITE IT ALL OUT.

And I’m talking EVERYTHING:

  • Create a meal plan that works.
  • Decide what days you’re going to train, and make a consistent schedule for yourself – write it out!
  • Create workouts that will help you to get to your goals, and make the most efficient time in the gym so you’re in and out. No time wasted.
  • Each and every week set goals – like mentioned above – to ensure you knock each of these three things out of the park.

I’ll tell you what, this can be a hard ordeal for many. In fact, this is what I am an expert at, and what I do for my clients every single day. And moreover, this is the stuff I TEACH my clients to do once they are enrolled in my coaching program. Because if you can’t do this for yourself, what’s the point of hiring a professional?

You don’t plan to work with a coach forever right? Well, it’s time you consider working with someone who actually wants to teach you all the tools to being able to be FULLY independent once you reach your goals.

Click here if that sounds good to you, come and talk to me.

Step 3: Put It In Action

Now that you have clear goals defined, and a game plan drafted, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and GO!

Take action right away.

  • Don’t wait until Monday.
  • Don’t wait until next month.
  • Putting things off only gets you FURTHER from your goal.
  • If the impetus to start is there, you need to start NOW. The longer you wait, the more likelihood you simply will not do much of anything in ACTUALLY getting started.
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Step 4: Stay Accountable

This part is the final piece of the 4, and honestly the 2nd most important. Think of this… You’ve probably been on this quest to reach your goal for some time. And if you’re truly honest with yourself, then you probably realize that having someone or some way to keep yourself accountable leads to greater success.

Now is no different, in fact, it’s the MOST crucial point. Especially as you’re starting OFF on a program. It’s easier to fall off the wagon at that point, it’s easier to fall back into old habits.

And if you want to really make a difference in what you’re doing, and do it in a way that will ACTUALLY get you results this time… Then you must get accountable. You MUST have someone in your corner.

  • Guiding you.
  • Teaching you.
  • Leading you forward.
  • Positively encouraging you.
  • But giving you the tough love you need to call you out when you’re not giving yourself a fighting chance at success.
  • And in the best case, teaching you everything you need to become independent in your fitness goals – for good.

I really hope that this week’s motivational email has given you some great things to think about.

If you feel like what I’ve said has sparked a fire in you to take action, and make the first steps in reaching your goals, I want you to do one thing…

Click here to reach out to me and set a complimentary 30-minute clarity call.

Let’s discuss the goals you have for yourself, and talk about pitfalls holding you back. I’ll give you some quick solutions. And if we both feel we’d be the right match to work together, I’ll guide you to more information about my amazing online coaching and MENTORSHIP program.

Until next time, I hope you have an amazing day.

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