Some Food For Thought Through The Eyes of a Coach…

You know, I had something on my mind that I wanted to share with you. Something that I feel may help you a bit as you navigate the world of your personal health and fitness. After years of being in this game as an online coach, I’ve come across people of all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds, and all kinds of reasons as to how/why they’ve started on their own fitness journey.

I’ve been at this since 1997, and since Day 1, it’s always been my passion to just help others. You know, there’s SO MUCH information out there when it comes to what to do, or how to do, what you need to do to get to your goal.

Unfortunately, there’s A LOT of fluff out there – and a lot of that fluff silences the real TRUTH AND SCIENCE behind what works. It’s almost like never-ending noise, and it works solely because this fluff usually makes big promises when it comes to results, and quick solutions that often fall short.

A lot of why I started my Inner Circle Membership Site was because I wanted to find a way to spread amazing USABLE information for people of all kinds of fitness goals, and needs.

So because of this, I wanted to take a brief moment to share some tips that I think can just help you out a little bit when it comes to your efforts both in and out of the gym. These are some tips that are based upon the observations, conversations, and interactions with the folks I’ve mentioned above throughout the years. And so I hope they can shed a little light on things for you.


Have a Game Plan

You know that old adage, failing to plan IS planning to fail. And nothing becomes more true when it comes to newly establishing habits that are going to get you to your fitness goals.

What do most people do when they decide they want to make changes in their bodies, and in their health? Most are really gung ho! And they have all the gumption in the world when they start.

They begin hitting the gym, they eat well. They start eliminating ALL those things that are on the “bad list” – sugar, carbs, fats, alcohol, salt, everything not a vegetable.. (In my opinion all of this isn’t necessary but we’ll talk about this in a later email.)

And although this is working great at first – after a while, the enthusiasm starts to wane. Life happens, the gym visits become fewer and farther between. Their diet starts to fall off – and before they know it they’re back to square one.

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The ONE thing they did wrong was failing to actually plan for success. Just like anything else in your life, if you want it to happen you’ve GOTTA have a game plan.

So in this case, as an online coach, I’d say that taking a look at your schedule and seeing when you’re free – then actually SCHEDULING your workouts, like regular standing appointments, can be the biggest difference on whether you win at this, or not. In the beginning, NEVER just “wing it”. Have intention, have focus, and establish what you need to do to be successful.

The same applies to your diet as well. Don’t just wing it! Know exactly how much you should be eating per day (like the amount of calories and macros to get your to your goal). We have an awesome tool at the Inner Circle site that gives you THOSE EXACT numbers – accurately! From there, you can easily either follow a meal plan that is set up with that information and aimed at your success, OR you can simply do a flexible dieting approach and track throughout the day – focusing on meeting your numbers.

Either way you choose, having a game plan is the first course of action to your overall success, particularly for the long term.


Change Your Actions, But Also Make Sure to Change Your Habits

I often say to new clients, don’t simply put a band-aid solution on a gaping wound and expect it to heal.

In this respects, the band aid solution is a new training program/trainer/diet fad/etc, the gaping wound is your old habits.

I often find that some people that hire me, or join my Inner Circle site, expect to simply put a new spin on their approach to changing their bodies, but they don’t apply the important stuff outside of the new plan. They don’t realize that if they are unwilling to change their habits, and change their lifestyle, they’re never going to get to where they want to be.

The TRUE key to long term fitness success is about changing the things that are holding you back. And we all know what those things are for us personally.

So you need to be HONEST with yourself. Look in the mirror. Identify what your biggest faults are when it comes to getting in your own way – and then MOVE! Get out of the way! Change those habits so you can start seeing YOUR brand of success.


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Appreciate The Journey

I did a quick motivational podcast not to long ago that touches upon this exact topic. You can take a listen to it here:

Embracing Your Present

Sound Cloud - Embracing Your Present Podcast
It’s so easy to focus on the destination – all while ignoring the journey. But it’s the JOURNEY that makes us who we are. It’s the journey that shows us what we’re made of, and capable of. And that’s so important to observe and acknowledge simply because once you reach that destination, you have ALL the tools you need to either maintain where you are, or push even further to new levels.

It’s important to embrace yourself NOW. Love your body, and what you see in the mirror – all while diligently looking towards your future and your fitness success. For if you cannot love and appreciate what you see, then who will?


Be Patient With The Process

Ok so I have another adage for you… I couldn’t help myself with this one, but you know it well. Good things come to those who wait.

The game of patience in the body transformation world, is a really tough gamble for a lot of people. And unfortunately, it’s probably one of those things that causes many to abandon their goals well before “the magic” happens.

Progress and change don’t happen overnight. The things that are most worth it in the long run don’t come to us right away. As an online coach – I tell my clients this very lesson… This journey is ALWAYS about the CUMULATIVE EFFECTS of your work. It’s about the day in, and a day out. It’s about the consistency of doing what works for you! And nothing else. And unfortunately, it ain’t gonna happen overnight.

Seeing the big picture, keeping your eyes focused on what matters, doing the things you KNOW you need to do to see your goals become your reality is the ONLY thing that’s going to get you to that next level. So be patient. Don’t rush the process. And make sure you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to leave no stone unturned. I promise you, in the end, you will reign triumphant.


Got questions or thoughts on the things I’ve brought up? Or have they inspired you to kick up your game? Share your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!



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