Choosing The Right Online Coach: Some things you need to think about before hiring ANYONE!

Today, I want to touch base on a few things you need to consider before working with and choosing the right online coach. I hear so many crazy stories (I hate to say horror stories, but sometimes they are) of so called fitness and nutrition clients just simply not doing right by them.

My staff and I run a very tight ship. And a lot of that stems from the years of customer service I have at my fingertips, mostly due in part from working in high end gyms and fitness facilities.

Customer service is PARAMOUNT to our staff. Following up and following through is the cornerstone to our success as a team. So today let’s touch base on the top 3 things you should look for and consider when hiring your next coach.

Your Online Coach Should Have Years of REAL WORLD and hands on experience.

The internet is a WONDERFUL thing. It connects all of us regardless of distance. I have had clients in 9 different countries, and over 4 continents, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the internet.

However, with the internet comes the ability for anyone to be whomever they want. This is a major problem I’m seeing within the fitness world because it seems like anyone with an instagram account is now suddenly a trainer or a coach. Oftentimes these same people have never been certified (or are newly certified), and have very little hands on experience.

As the client, you want someone who has a ton of experience working with people in the real world. It provides the trainer the opportunity to learn and understand proper joint mechanics, being able to assess and work aoound those with injuries or limitations. It allows them to learn PROGRAM DESIGN IN ACTION, and see how a one size fits all approach never works.

My experience in the gym has allowed me to be able to coach just about anyone at this point – and do so successfully. There’s something that cannot be learned if a trainer segues straight to online coaching as their main way of working. All of what we do as online coaches is based heavily on theory, calculations, program design, and biofeedback. Being able to think on your toes, and tweak at a moment’s notice is essential. And trainers or coaches that haven’t paid their dues lack that.

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What certifications does the online coach hold?

Another thing to consider is whether the person you’ve worked with is certified or not. Now not every great coach is currently certified or holds an active certification. I know a few friends who have let a certification lapse simply because they’ve had it for over a decade and felt they weren’t growing with their knowledge base from the certification they held. That’s a valid reason, and conversation amount fitness professionals that’s been had on many occasions.

The ones you want to look out for are the ones who never have been certified at all. At the very least, holding a certification gives you the BASIC knowledge you need to have of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. It allows the trainer or coach to understand motion, and how training affects the body.

The other important thing that certification does is allows the trainer or coach to become well versed in what PROPER AND SAFE program design looks like. Anyone can throw together a workout. But the thing you want to ask is “why”? Why am I doing this, and what’s it for, what does it do for MY body and goals? If your coach can’t answer this on the drop of a dime, and fully understand the why behind the why, you need to find someone else really fast!

And from the nutrition standpoint, holding a sports nutrition certification is invaluable when working with clients – whether online or in person. Having a vast understanding of metabolism and how what we eat affects EVERY SINGLE FACET of the body is absolutely crucial. In fact, it can mean the difference between you seeing results, or not…

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Is the online coach overbooked with clients? What methods of communication do they prefer?

It’s hard to know exactly how many clients a coach has when you first work with them. Or if they happen to be really popular, you MIGHT get a little idea. However, once you are working with them, you’ll easily see what’s going on.

If they are hard to get a hold of, they don’t return emails, or you hardly hear from them for even a quick check in every so often, then you might be working with someone who sees you as another number. And YOU have to decide if you don’t mind, or if you want more attention.

For us, we have a system that I’ve built from the ground up that allows me to give every single client the individual attention they need, and often, my clients say they often fell they are our only clients.

Is this the right fit FOR ME?

If you want to work with me directly, and personally, on your goals, please check out my site via the link below. I’d love to see you be successful at your fitness goals.

Have questions or comments about how to choose the right person for the job of bringing you to your best through health and fitness? Ask and share your comments below.


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