Experience Amy Watson’s IFBB Pro Figure Debut


Nothing is more special to a competitor than their IFBB Pro Figure Debut.

Imagine (or maybe you don’t even have to because you KNOW), you’ve been competing for years. You’ve come through the ranks. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve traversed the country doing show after show – spending THOUSANDS on the national level.

After 11 pro qualifiers, lots of heartache and disappointment, and then it finally happens…


It feels like such an amazing accomplishment. But then the dazzle wears off – you’ve gotta get back to work! You’ve got a pro debut to focus on.

NOW! You’re racing towards the pro level stage. You’re starting as a tiny guppy in a huge ocean… And you’re even standing next to Olympia competitors, and those you’ve followed for years and years.

But it’s YOUR TURN to shine.

That’s EXACTLY what Amy Watson went through as she made her IFBB Pro Figure Debut.

And you get to watch it all unfold!


Amy Watson’s IFBB Pro Figure Debut