(Video) Week 2 Wrap Up + Body Changes and Fat Loss After 30

This week I can say that things really feel like they’re moving along well. I’m finally back into the groove of a normal schedule – despite being thrown off.

My biggest focus right now is just trying to really put as much time and energy as I can into bringing up the lagging body parts I have. There aren’t many, but like anyone in this sport – the ideal is bodyBUILDING. And you can’t simply look at yourself as being without flaws. We all have those things we need to work at. And it’s that continual effort that leads to the amazingness that you end up seeing on stage in that finished product.

So today we’ll take a look at what  I did in the gym for one of my workouts this week, my thoughts on where things need to head for me to be successful next season. I’m introducing you to one of my AMAZING clients who, at the time of this video, is 3 days out from her show. And then finally I want to wrap up the rest of the video talking about the crazy body changes I’ve been seeing and what REALLY happens with fat loss after 30.

Some really awesome stuff I hope inspires you today!


Week 2 Wrap Up + Body Changes and Fat Loss After 30





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