Are Breast Implants REQUIRED For Bodybuilding?


I had recently gotten a really great question that popped up on my YouTube channel.

And I decided to address it because it still seems like after all these years, the big elephant in the room regarding breast implants and female physique competitors is STILL stomping around.

Although I’d like to say, let’s squelch this once and for all…

I know it’s not possible! But if I can at least put a little dent in the conversation, and drive home the answer to this question, I’ve done my part!

Let’s dig in!

Q: Are Breast Implants REQUIRED For Bodybuilding?

Brooke Ying asks:
Hi Roxie, I’ve been weight training for about 5 years and really wanting to compete recently.
I noticed a lot of competitors have implants and was told that better get them if I want to compete.
I would like to hear your professional honest opinion on this one, since I wanted to compete so bad and my boobs are after baby boobs, you know what I mean. I just discovered your channel and been watching nonstop 😂

A: Required, No! Helpful? Maybe…

So the answer to this question is no, it is not necessary.

Here’s a little secret about this. One of the things we can admit about the fitness industry is that it’s highly sexualized.

And in the past, particularly, I think a lot of fitness models or competitors felt that because of that, they got so lean and lost breast tissue from competing that in order for them to look feminine or to just maintain a very soft look, having breast implants was a necessary alternative, particularly when it comes to doing modeling and marketing in the magazines and more.

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But throughout the years have been so many female fitness competitors figure bikini bodybuilding and more who decide to not get implants and still have a lot of success.

So at the end of the day, do what’s right for you.

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