Contest Prep Crash Course – Bonus Content

About This Crash Course and How to Use It

Ok! So welcome, welcome!

I put this together as a way for you to be able to get some of the best advice I can give to any new or seasoned competitor, as it pertains to contest prep.

My biggest things is this…

I absolutely love this sport! And done, INTELLIGENTLY, can lead to some amazing accomplishments for you on many levels.

You do not have to be a pro to get good advice, or work with the best. Even if you work on your own – knowledge is always power. So learning how to do this stuff, and do it in a way that enhance your body for the longterm, should be your number 1 goal.

So take the time to read through the ebook (it’s SUPER quick only about 70 pages), and go through the additional material I’ve provided for you below.

Go at your own pace, and come back to this content whenever you wish!

ATTENTION ALL COMPETITORS: Whether You Are Aspiring Or Experienced, You've GOT TO Get Into My FREE Masterclass Right Now!

The lights, the glitz, the tanned hard bodies, and sparkly suits!

You are ENTHRALLED by the bodybuilding industry, and your heart is set on competing one day!

There are so many moving parts that go into bodybuilding. It’s not just a matter of stepping on a stage and following a new diet.

If you’re brand new to the sport, and your big goal is to step on stage and strut your stuff in bikini, wellness, figure, or women’s physique, this masterclass is a MUST for you.

In the next 45 mins, I want to help you to uncover:

  • The importance of being a fan of the sport. And how that can help you to WIN.
  • Specific shows and federations that you should be aware of as an aspiring competitor.
  • The importance of hiring the RIGHT coach. And what exactly that means.
  • How to optimize your off-season or pre-season to bring a winning physique to the stage.
  • How many weeks? The PERFECT amount of time you need to get ready for a show.
  • What’s the right diet for prepping without starving.
  • The proper approach to training and cardio to keep muscle and INCINERATE fat.

My goal is to share with you my secrets for prepping for a show, regardless of your division or level of experience.

Let me share with you my expertise as an IFBB Pro and Olympian (2014) who has coached over 500 athletes worldwide to get show ready, win titles, and turn pro!

Bikini Wellness Figure or Physique Which Division Will YOU Win? Figure It Out Here - Watch Now!

 Contest Prep Crash Course Bonus Videos

Figuring this game out can be SO confusing! Well, I am excited to help make things a little more clear with some of my best advice. Below you’ll find an awesome collection of some of my TOP videos pertaining to prep for all divisions.

Knowledge is power! The better you understand the game, the more of a chance you have to conquer it – and WIN!


Contest Prep Crash Course Bonus Articles

Below are a collection of valuable articles I want you to read for inspiration, and further understanding of how the whole process of contest prep works. Including some of the top advice I can give you to better understand what a smart prep looks like – and what it can do for YOU!


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