Amy Watson’s (Long) Journey to Becoming an IFBB Figure Pro

After 11 National Level Shows… Finally An IFBB Pro!

I’m so convinced my success this year in reaching my goal was because of Roxie. Hands down. Best investment I have made and I only wish I would have done so sooner.

Amy is a long time client, and to me, the best way to share her story is through her own words. So please enjoy HER story, how she finally saw her goals and dreams come true. And about becoming an IFBB figure pro through our work – together.

I started my competitive figure journey approximately 7 years ago.

A good friend and trainer talked me in to enter into a 12 week prep and compete in a local Michigan show. I was well acquainted with the gym, as I was there every day, on the treadmill. I’ll admit I was a cardio queen! I began learning how to properly lift and eat /diet for a figure show.

I competed in that first show, and I was hooked!

I spent the next 6 years with a few (3) different prep coaches who taught me a lot. Some things made sense and other things and methods just seemed backwards. But I didn’t really question it, because I was the newbie paying someone else to be the expert. And if i did question something, I never got an answer that made me feel better.

Hindsight is 20/20…

It was 2014 and I competed in 3 national level shows placing between 12-16 (which is basically last place). I had been dieting for about 6 months with no cheat meals and maybe one or two changes in my diet. Most changes came in the form of increasing cardio.

At my last show of the year, my body was really starting to rebel. I looked awful. Gone was any fullness to my muscle despite weighing just under 3 pounds what I started at the first show of the year. I had to change something.

My confidence was broken, my body was in rough shape, but I’m not a quitter and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to complete that goal I had set so many years ago of becoming an IFBB figure pro.

Enter Roxie.

I’m often asked how I found my current coach and I respond easily with, social media. I work in social media and know just how truly powerful this advertising tool is. I started following Roxie and her journey just after she obtained IFBB Women’s Physique Pro status.

What really caught my attention was an article she wrote and published about reverse dieting. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I also travel for work and I was at a gym in Atlanta lifting legs before my flight was to leave for Michigan. I devoured the article between sets on the leg press. She laid it out for me right there, she laid it out for anyone that wanted to read it, for free!

After that binge read anything she had written/posted/etc. I was like if she’s giving out this info to anyone, what kind of attention would she give me if I was her client.

I think it took me another 2 or 3 weeks before I finally signed up for a free phone consultation.

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I was weirdly nervous… Our call was scheduled while I was driving in Iowa, for work, and I pulled over at a gas station to be able to concentrate on everything this woman was going to say to me. At the end of our free 15 min talk, yea right nothing ever lasts the time it’s supposed to!!! (Another thing, you don’t ever feel like you’re being rushed with Roxie, like she’s giving you lip service to get you off the phone) I was on top of the world!

I had signed up for 3 months in what she called ‘lean build’. I called it off season bulking.

And then I was like, what did I just do?! What did I just spend?!? My fears quickly subsided… Let me explain.


First, her prompt staff is ridiculous. Everything was set up for me ASAP. Customized from my meal plan to training schedule.

Also laid out were her expectations of me. And that’s also what I appreciated. I can’t give all her secrets away but let’s just say this lean build period was amazing as she’s got some slick tools that make meal planning SO EASY! Especially if you desire variety, which I really don’t, but it was nice to have OPTIONS AND FOOD!

My God, I was eating so much food and lifting so heavy and training so hard. It was wonderful! And free meals (others may call cheat meals) made life livable!!

Ok 3 months pass and we start talking prep. We set our sights set on a national qualifier in MI so that I would qualify to compete nationally. I was really wondering how this was going to work with an online coach during prep. As I think back I laugh because the amount of support I received was outstanding. Notice I keep saying ‘we’ because I didn’t feel alone. I felt alone with previous coaching despite regular training sessions in the gym.

Roxie literally answered any and all questions lightning fast… And with scientific evidence or studies and personal experiences to back it up.

I scheduled a posing session where she told me like it is, no coddling, which I hate. I’m paying you to help me get to the best I can be, not say oh you look fine.

Fast forward to the week before the show. Constant interaction and diet tweaks had me looking my best. Gone were any fears of being on my own. Sure I went to the show by myself, but I also knew Roxie was if I needed her.

On a Saturday! Who works on Saturdays?!

Oh did I mention the time change had me emailing at 4am my time, 1am her time?! Who does that?! Who cares that much?!

At that show I got an insane amount of attention from those that I’ve known in the industry for the past years asking what I did different this year. My answer remained the same and directed any and all to Roxie. After winning overall at that show a good boost of confidence had me ready to tackle the next.

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‘We’ knew we needed to bring a bit tighter body so Roxie told me what to do, and I did it. Lol it was that easy. She always gave me the option of a free meal if I needed it. And I never did, but knowing it was there made my prep like 80000 times easier!

Like she knows how life and prep can get and sometimes you need a free meal. As a female she’s been there and relating to someone like that helps. Now don’t get me wrong, I was busting ass in the am cardio sessions and pm listing and cardio but it was never an insane amount but it was intense, fucking intense.

I didn’t do so well at Jr. nationals and it was a little rough on the ego. Roxie sent me and email literally 5 minutes after getting off stage to call her. We chatted and she gave me instructions for food etc etc. again, she was in my corner.

After that show she pushed, hard, to compete at Team Universe. I had previous commitments but her encouragement made me rethink. She also laid out the things that we’d change.





Once again she laid the plan, and I followed it to a T. No free meal options in those 3 weeks. Not if I was hungry to win.


Team U went smashingly well for us. As you may know. It was such a collaborative effort, it never felt like just me. I can’t praise this coach and her vision and business ethic enough! She’s def not a slacker and her clients show it!

I’ve said this before, I have no idea how many clients Roxie has to watch over. If you’ve competed before, you know it can be like herding cats, lol. But every single day from lean build to walking off that stage, it seriously felt like I am her only client. Never like a number or a cookie from a cutter.

I’m so convinced my success this year in reaching my goal was because of Roxie. Hands down. Best investment I have made and I only wish I would have done so sooner.

I have referred so many women to her, just to check her out. I’m not sure how many have signed up, but I’ll continue to give credit where it’s due. She made my dream come true.

My goal of 7 long years… 11 national stages… ELEVEN! Lol.


I know she’ll continue to be successful. Because when you have that kind of passion, you can’t be stopped. Some day I’ll meet this lady in the flesh. Until then I’ll continue to follow her journey and probably continue to train under her! Heck yea I’m proud to be #becklesbuilt.*

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