Caloric Math For Fat Loss Made Easy! (Infographic)

Aaaaah! So you’ve decided to embark on a fat loss plan!


You hit up the gym enthusiastically. You get in your cardio, your weights…

You’re training your BUTT off – so you hope! And you’re doing everything to cover your bases to get those results.

But hey, what about your DIET?!

Don’t give me that look! You know what I mean! Your diet, it has to be SPOT ON to see real changes!

But I have a secret to share with you… MOST folks aren’t eating enough for fat loss!

That’s right, they eat WAY LESS than they need to in order to see results. And although that I might get results in the beginning, it slows progress over time. It is one of the number one causes for a stalled metabolism and plateaus.

I say this to every client that starts working with me, right off the bat…


In order to transform your body, you must EAT to be lean, EAT to lose fat, EAT to gain muscle, EAT to achieve the body of your dreams… Food is your GREATEST ally – NOT your worst enemy!


I want you to go back and read that line again. Especially so you can see the utter importance of nutrition – and the role it plays in your goals.

But how do you know HOW MUCH you should eat then? What methods do YOU use to determine caloric amounts for fat loss? If you’re still trying to just take a blind shot in the dark approach, then you’re setting yourself up for FRUSTRATION!

Well if that’s the case – STOP THE MADNESS!!

Let me go ahead and show you my SIMPLE caloric math for fat loss equation! And one you need to start using RIGHT NOW to start getting some amazing results from all your work and efforts.



The #BecklesBuilt Caloric Math for Fat Loss Equation

Caloric Math Info Graphic


What I love about this caloric math for fat loss equation is that it is SO easy that anyone can use it! And even further, it will set you up to make sure you’re not starving yourself right out of the gate!

Even further, this equation is the BASE of how I teach you to set up your meal plan in my 21 Day Fat Shredder Program!


Your Caloric Deficit + Flexible Dieting in the 21 Day Fat Shredder Program

This stuff isn’t rocket science! It’s just regular science…

But it does take a moment to learn the tips and tricks to getting REAL results – based on evidence, AND the real world results from others.

And that’s EXACTLY what I teach you step by step in my 21 Day Fat Shredder Solution Training and Nutrition Program!


What’s even better is that the entire program is based on my approach to flexible dieting! So you get to ENJOY THE FOODS YOU LOVE, and still see progress.

You were taught that in order to see progress, you need to starve yourself, and eat like a rabbit. I’m here to SHOW YOU how that’s simply not true, and that there is indeed a better way.

Look, if getting to your goals is truly important to you, you absolutely CANNOT afford to NOT get onto my program. So let’s go ahead and get you started TODAY!

Because in 21 days, you can be completely evolved – or exactly the same as you are today.

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