What’s the Difference Between Refeeds and Cheat Meals?

Today, I’ve got a GREAT Facebook Live Chat that I did covering a topic I get a TON of questions about. And that’s what’s the difference between refeeds and cheat meals. A lot of people use these terms interchangeably, but really, they are not one in the same. They are structured differently, and each have a specific usage and place within any dieting program.

What I find most interesting is that many folks don’t use these dieting tactics at all. Even though they can be especially crucial to the overall success on your plan – and even help you to get over plateaus.

So today, let’s have a little discussion about the difference between refeeds and cheat meals. What those differences are, and how you can successfully apply both to your plan today!

What Makes Up a Refeed?

  • Usually a high carb low fat focus dietary set up. Low fat part is crucial for the success of it.
  • Used intermittently between low carb days as a part of a carb cycle.
  • It’s main purpose and focus is to raise leptin levels in the body.
  • Can promote further fat loss through the process of supercompensation.
  • Ideally, for best results should be done as a full day’s worth of eating in order to truly boost downregulated hormones.


What Makes Up a Cheat Meal?

  • Can be used in a similar way as refeeds.
  • Can help to boost fat loss further, if done correctly, by raising calories to maintenance for a day – which can marginally have positive effects on fat loss.
  • Can aid in dietary compliance so that dieters stay on their fat loss plans longer.
  • Has the potential for causing major setbacks if not controlled.
  • Should only really be done for one single meal vs an entire day which can have the adverse effect of what you’re looking for.


Still have questions regarding the difference between refeeds and cheat meals?

I always find that the dieting part of the equation is the one thing that a lot of folks struggle with. If that’s you, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Like I always say after every article, I’m here to help, and would love to open the floor to discussion. So post your questions and comments below!

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