Fit Academy Weekly Episode 1: 5 Weight Loss Plateau Blasting Tips (NO Bullsh-t)!

Woohoo! Are you ready to get down and talk everything training, nutrition, contest prep, and the bodybuilding lifestyle as a whole? Well I’m happy to share with you today my FIRST livecast for a new series I’m starting on my page called the RoxStar Fitness Fit Academy Weekly.

Today’s show is jam packed with some great tips to inspire you, and give you some awesome advice you can apply to your program RIGHT NOW – and start getting some great results.

Topics and Features for Today’s Show:


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Client Spotlight – Megan Patrick:

Megan is heading out to the 2017 Ben Weider Cup and looking her absolute best yet. She’s a long time RoxStar Fitness Figure Competitor, and just recently competed at the North American Championships where she placed 11th (her best to date on that stage) in a tough line up. We’re now poised to really blow that out of the water, and looking forward to her showing this weekend.


RSF Fit Academy Facebook Group Q&A:

  • Calculators and heart rate zones. What’s the best way to maintain HR during training if the numbers you get from a calculator seem to be too much when trying to put it in action during cardio?
  • What really does it mean when you look “flat” or “full”?
  • For someone who is quad dominant how would you have them train their legs to get the lines that’s needed.
  • What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
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Topic of the Day:

5 Must Do Tips to Get OFF ANY Plateau

Here’s the thing, a lot of folks give you the TYPICAL advice when it comes to getting off of a plateau. But for me, you know that I’m only going to give you the absolute truth about the OTHER STUFF. The stuff BEHIND just the diet and training that really trips you up.

If you’re stuck on a plateau, you need to watch this segment, take notes, and apply the advice I’m giving you RIGHT NOW.

Stop Running Around in the SAME Circle... Let me HELP YOU! Set up a COMPLIMENTARY CALL, and talk to me right now...

Hey, look… If you’ve been struggling for some time, dealing with sitting in the SAME place – day after day, month after month, year after year.

Running around in the SAME circles, trying to do everything you can to lose weight, to get toned, to put on muscle… Maybe even to step on a stage. OR, to just simply love your body, love the way you look, feel comfortable in your own skin, and pride in the person you see in the mirror.

It’s time you STOP THAT SH-T!

And time to DO SOMETHING about it.

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I’d love to just take a moment to talk to you. Talk about what’s going on. What’s on your mind, and what you’ve been struggling with. Let’s pinpoint them, and then see where you and I can work closely together to get you to your goal.

You DO NOT have to do this alone… And it would be my honor and greatest pleasure to serve you – and to see you reach your absolute fullest potential.

Book your complimentary call with me right now! Let’s talk for a good 30 mins, and see what we can do to get you to that next level… That “promise land” when it comes to your goals. And to that place that – up to now – has seemed impossible to reach.


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