(Video) Look Fear in the Eyes and KICK IT! Achieve Your Goals NOW!

Today’s post is one that I shared over on my Facebook Page, and it’s a little something that I know we ALL deal with, no matter who we are – fear…

Doing something new, taking risks, going after aspirations, these are all things that can cause great fear in all of us. But it’s so important to keep in mind the following:

If your goals don’t evoke fear, the stakes are not high enough…

Fear doesn’t have to be negative… It can signify that there is great risk. But where there is great risk, there is also great reward!


Check out this video to see some of what I say on this and what you can do today to step up your mental game, and conquer that fear.


What are your thoughts? How do you handle fear when it comes to your goals? Has there been a time where you feel it held you back? What would you do differently in that case? Post below!

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