Fitness Isn’t a Fad: 4 Tips to Make It Your Lifestyle

With so many fitness programs and diet advice out there, it’s way too confusing to figure out what works, and what’s just a gimmick.

Here’s my plea to you..

Stop the cycle of trying and failing at achieving your fat loss goals. Start doing what actually works, regain your confidence, or simply fit into those old jeans again without fads, quick fixes, or gimmicks.

It’s not like we are to blame though right? I mean the industry feeds us so much misinformation and disinformation, it’s really hard to discern what’s right and what’s just flat wrong.

As a fitness professional, I find it frustrating. So I can only IMAGINE how that must feel for you.

So today, I want to set the record straight!

Let’s discuss 4 Tips for you to keep in mind on your fat loss journey.

Fitness Lifestyle Tip #1: Know that Progress is Never Linear.

In the era of the Biggest Loser, it seems like we are surrounded by examples of people losing copious amounts of weight – and doing so in record time.

Not only that, it seems like they hardly ever plateau. Things seem to always move along as expected, in a downward weight loss spiral.

If only it were like that in REAL life.

Unfortunately, it’s not. Here’s what the real deal is… Progress is never linear. Progress can see you losing 4 pounds, gaining back 2, stalling for a week, dropping .1 pounds, gaining back .9, dropping 5 pounds, dropping 3 pounds, stalling a bit, and so on and so forth.

It’s never a steady free fall, and that’s the thing to keep in mind.

Now, I bet you’re wondering that if you can’t track weight then what can you rely on? Well, for one pictures should play a big role in your progress and what’s going on with how things are moving along. And to add to that, you want to track measurements – and how your clothes fit as well.

The IDEAL is to see a downward trend on the whole! Not just on one element (weight, measurements, etc). You want to see what your body is doing over a period of weeks before deciding whether things are moving or not.

It’s in taking this big picture approach that you’ll be able to truly what real progress is.

Fitness Lifestyle Tip #2: Embrace that Losing 1 to 2 pounds a week is the IDEAL.

Ok, so you’ve embarked on this new plan and you’re all excited… You’re roaring and ready to go and you set a goal… You are looking to lose about maybe 8 to 10 pounds… THIS MONTH.

I truly hate being the bearer of bad news but, that goal is almost impossible. Ok so I’m being a bit dramatic. It IS possible, HOWEVER, it is NOT safe.

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1 to 2 pounds a week is what’s a far more realistic goal. And although that doesn’t seem like much, for the human body and the way we are designed – it is.

The last thing your body wants to do is lose fat. That’s just a fact. I always say, your body doesn’t care about your six pack, it only cares about your survival. And it will do everything it can to ensure your survival.

This includes:

  • Slowing your metabolism the longer you diet.
  • Increase your hunger the longer you diet.
  • BREAKS DOWN MUSCLE the longer you diet.
  • Downregulates important hormones the longer you diet.

So essentially, the longer you diet the more your body is working AGAINST you.

And honestly, that’s a huge reason why you tend to hit plateaus along the way. Now, if you take a SMART approach to fat loss, allow your body to dictate change, and don’t try to push things simply due to impatience… Then you’ll come out ahead of the game.

Losing only 1 to 2 pounds a week allows you to sort of avoid, or rather, slow down the “slow down” of everything mentioned above to some degree.

And just think, at 1 to 2 pounds a week, you can expect to see 4 o 8 pounds a month… Over a 12 week period, that can have you seeing a loss of 12 to 24 pounds depending on several factors… So now, isn’t it starting to sound a ton better?

Fitness Lifestyle Tip #3: Know that This is Going to Take Time.

Just as I mentioned above…

You have got to have the virtue of patience in your pocket if you even as much as THINK that you are going to make it in this game.

Fat loss is kind of like watching paint dry. I mean SERIOUSLY it is! Think about it…

You watch the scale, your pictures from week to week, your measurements, your reflection. Aaaand, you don’t see any changes.

But you know how this game works already darling! You can’t keep watching for it, you’ve gotta just keep focused on your goal and keep pressing along. Because if you DON’T, you’re going to get yourself to a mindset and place where you are absolutely driving yourself mad.

The only thing that guarantees success is being patient in this game. So many people quit before the magic happens, and that to me is the real tragedy.

I even see it in some of the clients I work with. Not every person I touch base with makes it to the finish line. The honest thing is that your coach can’t be fighting for you more than you fight for yourself.

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It amazes me in fact. So many people end up shooting themselves in the foot simply because they can’t wait to see results. Or they want them quicker than the body is dictating.

Even when there IS positive change they get discouraged and essentially quit before the magic happens. But I’m telling you, if you simply change your perspective to one focused on allowing the journey to move as it wishes, you will be in a MUCH better place mentally and emotionally as you reach for your physical goals.

Fitness Lifestyle Tip #4: Consistency is a Key Part of the Equation.

Know that you will encounter stumbles and falls, but the true test is how you get back up.

It’s inevitable that you will hit a road block. But being prepared and taking on the mindset that it’s OK is what makes this a lifelong journey of health for you.

Being consistent IS the secret everyone seems to be searching for – but they don’t even know it.

When it comes to your “idols of fitness”, those folks who truly inspire you to keep pushing towards YOUR goals, those ones whom you admire on social media, etc… Well the way they got there was from being consistent with their plans.

These folks are often no different than you. Many started out JUST LIKE YOU. So imagine now where you would be if you just took the first step, then stayed focused on taking the next one, then the next. One foot right after the other.

It is the CUMULATIVE effects of your work that breeds change and progress. So much so that any slips and stumbles become drops in the bucket.

Being consistent is what it takes to truly get to your goal, and once you start down that path – watch how much faster things will start to take off.

I want to hear YOUR thoughts. How have you been able to make a healthier mindset to your approach to your fitness lifestyle? And if you haven’t yet, what are your biggest obstacles? Post in the comments below.

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