Lifting Heavy vs. Light Weights – Which is Best for Weight Loss & Gaining Muscle for Women

Ok what should you be doing to lose weight, burn fat, get stronger, and build muscle? Lift heavy or light weights? Many women have this question on their mind, and I want to jump right in and help you to figure out what YOU need to do to change your body. Watch now!

Lifting Heavy vs. Light Weights: Which is BEST for Weight Loss and Gaining Muscle for Women

Transform Your Body - Love Your Life! Become a Roxstar. Let me show you how REAL coaching can improve more than just your fitness.

Let me tell you…

Other so-called coaches aren’t taking YOUR needs, goals, and what really inspires you to change into consideration.

But I want to work closely with YOU, and help you to see that YOU CAN take complete control of your training and nutrition, and do it in a smart healthy way – all while getting the body of your dreams. If you’re ready for the full-on commitment, and to see your fitness goals become YOUR reality (for good), then you’ve got to find out more info about how you can become a RoxStar today

Together, we can transform your body, your fitness, your nutrition – and your life. All Science/No BS.

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And here’s the thing…

  • You don’t have to be a competitor to work with me
  • If you do compete, you can be a complete newbie, a seasoned pro, or anyone in between
  • As long as you’re ready to make the investment in YOURSELF FIRST – and ready to get to your goals by any means necessary, I have a place for you.

All you need to do is set up a time for us to speak, tell me about your goals, and how you want me to help you to reach that next level… RIGHT NOW.

This is YOUR health, YOUR confidence, YOUR best self, waiting to be unlocked. Take the next steps in making what you see as impossible right now your reality.


Request a Complimentary Discovery Call Now

Schedule your complimentary discovery call today! We’ll talk for a good 45 to 60 mins about what’s on your mind, and discuss your options to become a Roxstar right away! I have different coaching levels depending on your needs and goals. So don’t hesitate. You’ve already been putting off your goals for too long. Now it’s time to focus on YOU.


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