How to Determine What Supplements to Take

The topic of supplementation is something that’s taken front center priority for me as of late.

I’ll tell you what, I’ve never been the type to be Hell-bent over the topic. In fact, ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m the WORST at taking any kind of pills or medication on an ongoing basis.

But when you’re in a battle for your health, your priorities certainly do shift and change.

For me, things took a turn for the worst after my fibroid really started to take over my reproductive system. Literally, this thing was sucking the life out of me.

Let’s not also consider the fact that I was being a TOTAL slacker when it came to my nutrition. I mean picture this, for about 5 years straight I lived my life on a diet. I was super regimented and strict about what I put into my body and when. I had to be. It was a part of the competitor’s lifestyle that I chose.

So when I stopped doing all of that stuff, I kind of went in the exact polar opposite. Really just wanting to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Never measuring, not counting calories and macros.

I mean, kept an eye on things so I didn’t get out of control with my body. But at the same, I didn’t want the responsibility of simply caring.

Until it all caught up with me.

Anemia, Low Vitamin D, High Cortisol and More…

There were times when I felt like I had to take a nap like a goddamn 2 year old by mid-afternoon.

I literally couldn’t stay awake. I felt sluggish. I couldn’t walk up my normal outdoor stairs and running path because I’d be out of breath.

What I thought was attributed to just simply not doing cardio was something WAY deeper. Upon having my annual check up, my doctor informed me that I was DANGEROUSLY low in many essential vitamins in my body. And namely, I was super low in iron and vitamin D.

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So couple that with low progesterone and high cortisol (I’ll touch about this in a different post – but read more about high cortisol here), my body was all over the place.

It was at that time that I knew I had to start taking control. I had no choice. It was not only my health on the line, but the quality of my lifestyle. And I was no longer willing to be complacent in driving my own demise.

What I’m Taking Now

In the video, you saw some of the vitamins that are now a daily part of my stack. So let me breakdown here what I’m now taking, and some links where you can pick them up too.

NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin for Women

This specific multivitamin is the one that’s been my staple as of late. Not only does it contain some really great bioavailable vitamins and minerals, it also has some important antioxidants in the formula. It contains digestive enzymes, specific natural herbs for heart, brain, and eye health as well.

MegaFood – Blood Builder, Support for Healthy Iron Levels

This has been an absolute GODSEND for me! My iron levels were SUPER low for quite some time. I really had to take control of it prior to surgery as anemia can cause some complications (including DEATH) during surgery.

What I love about this formula is that it contains beetroot as a part of the supplemental make up. Beets play a crucial role in helping the body to maintain hemoglobin. Paired with an iron supplement, it’s a potent 1-2 punch to get levels back up to normal.

1000mg Vitamin C

I specifically use the Trader Joe’s brand, but really any brand would do. Vitamin C is an important supplement not only for helping to maintain iron levels, but plays an important role in adrenal health as well. Pair this (1000mg) with ferrous sulfate iron and you’ll have an amazing stack to regulate and maintain healthy blood iron levels.

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65mg Elemental (Ferrous Sulfate) Iron

I specifically use the Walgreens brand. But again, any brand will do. When trying to get your iron levels up, you MUST make sure you’re choosing ferrous sulfate iron. This type of iron is reality and easily absorbed by the body better than any other source of iron.

How You Can Determine Your Essential Stack

I’ll tell you what, this is just a small portion of my supplementation. This stuff covers the basics of what my body needs to function optimally.

have another article to draft for you where I go into what I take to help regulate hormonal function from my thyroid to my adrenals and sex hormones.

I came to the conclusion about what my body needs by way of blood tests. So the best way I can say for you to proceed is to look under the hood.

Get a full panel test done which includes:

  • Full metabolic panel
  • Vitamin A and D levels
  • Vitamin B12, Folate, and B6
  • Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium
  • Complete Iron Panel

Going in and making sure to ask your doctors for these things SPECIFICALLY is important to knowing what your overall health is looking like.

There was a recent study that came out stating that vitamin supplementation does not prevent disease, and that it could potentially be a waste of money.

And I agree, IF you are getting in all of the nutrients you need from your diet. Sadly, many of us aren’t (even in the face of eating healthy). So cover your bases, and make sure you’re all good. After all, you only have one life to live, and one body to do it in. Take care of it.

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