Eating Disorders Among Figure Competitors

So ladies, I want to continue our discussion today about some of the things that are NOT often talked about when it comes to competing. Behind the glitz, glamor, sparkly suits, and ripped tanned bodies – for some there lies an under belly.

Competing can be rewarding (and it SHOULD BE), but for some women, it’s become a way to mask disordered eating, and an unhealthy relationship with food – and even training.

And really… This has become COMMON in the fitness industry as a whole.

From developing fears of carbs and fats, to uncontrollable binge eating, and even for some purging through excessive exercise and/or cardio – these habits can become WORSE if you’ve dealt with them before your fitness journey.

To make things worse, you even have some coaches who inadvertently CREATE or exacerbate these problems with many women.
So today, I want to have a VERY serious talk with you.

I want to provide you with my BEST words of advice and wisdom (especially as a woman who has dealt with food issues in the past – and have since overcome them tremendously).

I want to give you peace of mind, and share with you ways to cope with this issue, and how you can AVOID them if you’ve never experienced it…. Or even more, feel you are on the brink of breaking down into unhealthy habits.

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Because this is something we should all openly discuss as it lurks in plain sight.

Side note: I am NOT a therapist, so keep in mind this advice is just that – advice. If you need help to overcome serious issues, please see the service and assistance of a doctor or therapist.

Eating Disorders Among Figure Competitors

  • The bodybuilding industry is exploding like never before
  • Social media is driving a lot of what we see online – even with fitness
  • People you follow are not always transparent and this can have a detrimental effect on followers and even the content creators themselves
  • Essena O’neill is an example of this when she walked away from her social media and exposed the real deal behind her health and fitness sham
  • Competitors can often come from a past of eating issues and disorders, and now mask those issues through an experience that SHOULD be positive
  • The ability to control food and calories by way of contest prep diets
  • The ability to mask binge eating via excessive exercise, fat burners, and even actual purging is easy
  • So-called, less experienced “coaches” can often perpetuate eating disorders and even create it inadvertently in clients.
    • How? Prescribing super low calorie diets and high amounts of cardio or over exercise
    • Focusing solely on scale weight as a measure of progress
    • Shaming clients and blaming them for lack of progress when it could be something deeper like hormonal issues vs compliance
    • Teaching clients to fear entire food groups and specific foods while dieting and not allowing a more flexible approach
    • Using one size fits all solutions vs individualization
  • Case Study: Roxstar Fitness Client With Amazing Potential who ruined her own progress and promise in the industry due to severe eating issues.
    • It was my job to bring this to her attention, and coach her intelligently.
    • I identified these problems early on in her contest prep and had to tread lightly on the situation – and be very aware of the things I said to her and how I coached her.
    • At the end of our prep time, reverse dieted her to keep fat gain anxiety at bay.
    • Guided her to get some professional help to her to face her eating issues head on
    • She’s no longer focused on competing, she IS however living a more healthy lifestyle, and even working out, but doing it from a sane standpoint
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What to Do If You Are Dealing With This?

  • First off, get professional help
    • If you’ve dealt with eating disorders in the past and feel like this is something resurfacing, you want to make sure to seek the help of an actual therapist.
    • FITNESS COACHES ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO HEAL YOU FROM EATING DISORDERS! Only hire one AFTER you’ve dealt with your issues personally.
  • Once you are in a place where you have a better relationship with food and your mindset – HIRE A QUALIFIED COACH
    • Working with someone can be the best option for you to be able to make progress without having to be obsessive with the numbers aspect of the game.
    • Take the “easy to fall victim of” task of counting calories and macros, and micromanaging your own meal plan – and give it to someone else to handle
    • Work with someone who has flexible dieting as the cornerstone to their approach to nutrition.
    • Know that the best coaches are not the cheapest ones – be ready to invest in YOU. This is essential especially given your history.
  • Don’t rush into a prep, and make sure you allow enough time to do so.
  • Spend time in your off season working on the things that will IMPROVE your physique without being too strict
  • Make sure you are at a point where prepping for a show makes sense and you can do so without too much drama or stress
  • Be sure you are also at a physical point where you DON’T have to move heaven and earth to get ready for your show.
  • After your show, make sure to reverse diet right away!
  • Do NOT step off the stage without an exit plan.
  • Take calories up slowly for about 2 to 4 weeks
  • Take a training break for a week or so, then start to revamp it up depending on your next goals
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