How I Eat Sushi For Fat Loss

If you’re anything like me, you looove sushi. I swear, I can remember when I first started eating it – and that was back in college. Honestly the thought of eating raw fish, up to that point, was the most disgusting thing EVER. So the fact that all these years later, I’m writing a blog post about how I eat sushi for fat loss is an oxymoron, lol. But I am, and it’s amazing.

My first foray into sushi started as California Rolls, and grew from there. When I first started to hear about folks eating sushi for refeed days, and post workout, I became HOOKED on experimenting to see how this would work for MY body. And I’d come to the conclusion, after trying on myself and others, that this can be a powerful diet tactic to help put on size, and enjoy a diet break while staying on plan.

Right now, I’m currently following a new fat loss plan, and I’m doing more of a carb cycle with my diet. And so, of course I had to have my sushi for my high carb day. In today’s video blog, I’m sharing with you exactly how I do it, and show you what I’ve even ordered! To top it off, I have a big announcement to share about my upcoming fitness goals and plans!

How I Eat Sushi for Fat Loss


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Enjoyed this video? Tell me what you think! Do you enjoy sushi post workout? What are some of YOUR favorite rolls?


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