(Podcast) The Main Reason You Don’t Have to Worry About Carbs Making You Fat

The Main Reason You Don’t Have to Worry About Carbs Making You Fat

You know, I have to admit…

I am truly blessed to have the most amazing group of clients – IN THE WORLD! And it makes me love what I do. I am so passionate about seeing every single of them improve and grow, and to simply reach their goals in ways they may not have felt they could before.

One of my coaching programs, my Inner Circle VIP Coaching, allows me to work closely with clients and to meet with them over a monthly group coaching call.

And during that call, we touch base about what’s going on with their program, any obstacles they may be facing (strategize how to overcome them), and simply answer any questions they may have.

This month’s call was really a great one. One of my RoxStars asked a question about carbs. She’s actually pretty baffled that she gets to eat A TON of food, and a lot of carbs, on her plan – yet STILL see fat loss. In fact, since she started 2 weeks ago, she actually saw 1/2 inch lost off of 3 measurement site points (waist, navel, and hips). This without crazy amounts of cardio either. Just sound programming and weight training – plus compliance of course.

What was REALLY getting her is that she’s always had this FEAR of carbs.

Like eating it would surely turn her into a pumpkin – or at least thwart all fat loss efforts.

And so she brought this up, and it actually turned out to be a concern for MANY of our Roxstars. I was more than happy to give a very THOROUGH answer, which helped to clear a lot of that up.

We had some other really great questions as well – including my reasoning behind my vegetarian client’s 1800 calorie diet, that also had about 200+ grams of carbs on her training days.

So if you have had ANY concerns like this… I really encourage you to check this week’s podcast out. I think it will give you some clarity about where you need to go next when it comes to your own diet.

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