(Video) Coach’s Corner: IIFYM vs. Meal Plans for Contest Prep Dieting

I’m really excited to share this nutrition nugget with you today!

So the great debate among competitors is always about what’s the best approach when it comes to contest prep dieting.

And, we can also throw in the mix all of the folks who don’t compete, that often have the same question as well.

Now, contest prep and general fat loss can come in many colors, and what works for the individual should always be considered.

But when it comes to the the ideal nutrition set up, what’s the stance on the success of IIFYM vs a meal plan…

Which is better, and which will get the best results to have you looking your best on – and off stage?

If there’s anything I have a lot of hands on experience with – that’s meal planning, and meal planning for folks of ALL walks of life, needs, and preferences.

And due to my years of experience in this sport and having helped several hundreds of competitors reach their own little pieces of victory along the way, I can share with you what I’ve observed has found them the most success with whether they are their tightest – or not, on game day.

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And that’s EXACTLY what I want to pin point for you today! Today’s video will do the following, and this is why you need to watch it:

  • We’ll take a look at what a recent ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC STUDY said regarding the best approach to contest prep dieting – which also applies to regular fat loss plans.
  • We’ll discuss what I’ve seen as the major difference both approaches and actual END RESULTS – did the competitor come in as tight as they needed doing one vs. the other?
  • We’ll discuss if adding variety at all should be a part of the contest prep plan – and of course how that applies to those who may not want that outcome, but want regular fat loss instead.
  • My final thoughts on what you should do!
Coach’s Corner Video – Episode 2 – IIFYM vs. Meal Plans: Which is Best for Contest Prep Dieting



Now, I want to hear from you!

What are your thoughts about this, and what are YOUR question? I mean, honestly there is so much conflicting information out there, and it’s sometimes hard to know what’s right/wrong, or just right for you!

Trust me, I can totally relate because I’ve been there.

To be honest with you, it’s the very reason why I am standing before you now – able to share with you this kind of advice that not only leads to success, but also helps you to keep your sanity AND educates you along the way.

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The one thing I’m passionate about is sharing information, particularly the kind information backed by REAL science AND real world application. This video and topic has both, so let’s drown out the noise of broscience together – one message at a time!

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