An Inspiring Masters Figure Competitor Off Season Journey – Ghabi Hernandez

I love a success story! Mostly because I truly believe that my clients’ success is MY success as well.

And I don’t take that lightly. I REALLY WANT every single person that works with me to see results – and more importantly see lives transform.

So, I’ve got a great story of just real inspiration that I want to share with you.

Meet Ghabi Hernandez… An Inspiring Masters Figure Competitor Off Season Journey

The client you see above, her name is Ghabi. Now, before she had started with me, Ghabi conquered the amazing task of losing 100 pounds ALL BY HERSELF!

After achieving that goal, her next one was to embark on stepping on a stage and living out her bodybuilding dreams. To really take control and mold her body into this amazingly strong and solid – yet feminine physique.

She started with a popular coach in her area, unfortunately, that turned out to not be the right match for her. And that’s when fate stepped in and she started with me.

In the time we’ve worked together:

  • She’s lost more than another 25 pounds
  • Gained about 15 pounds of lean muscle.
  • Seen her shape COMPLETELY CHANGED.
  • She literally lifts and has the strength of a superhero!
  • Stepped on stages across the country including at the prestigious Arnold Amateur.

Not only that, she’s been able to share what she knows with her sister, and assisted HER in losing 25 pounds. AND influenced her mom to embrace her health by working with me – which has brought even her tremendous success.

So for today, I want you to step inside of HER world, and let her tell you about what’s possible….

Even for those things you might think may feel IMPOSSIBLE.

There is ALWAYS a way.. There is ALWAYS a chance to seize your goals and make them REAL to you.

Watch this video to meet Ghabi now – and to hear more about her amazing and inspiring masters figure competitor off season journey



This Kind of Success Can Be YOURS Too…

{{ subscriber.first_name }}, I simply want you to see what is possible – for you.

I want you to realize that even if you haven’t been able to get the results you want on your own. And even if you’ve worked with other coaches and trainers in the past, what WE can do together is like no other.

My number ONE dedication is to see every woman that works with me to see her body change – forever.

And it has way more to do with stepping beyond just relying on getting a diet and training program. It’s about the stuff nobody else is touching upon…

  • Getting your mindset in the best possible place.
  • Getting your head wrapped around what is truly possible for you.
  • Getting you 100% deeply connected to your reasons WHY your results matter to you. And WHY you must win this time.

How amazingly will you do with the RIGHT person in your corner?

And what does it mean to you to FINALLY experience that level of just knowing someone actually CARES about you and your results.

That’s what I want to offer you the chance to simply experience.

It all starts with a simple phone call.

A 30 minute call that can take you on a trajectory of success like never ever before. One starting from you simply making the decision to take control of your fitness – and then seeing how that one action has literally had an impact on your life.

Click here to schedule that call.

It’s free. You have nothing to lose – but something amazing to possibly gain.

Let’s discuss your needs and goals, and exactly how I can help you to get to that level in your life that you’ve been waiting to achieve, wanting for yourself, and ready to take into your hands right now.

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