P28 High Protein Pancake Mix – Is It Good?

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I don’t know about you, but when I am locked in on my meal plan, I really try my best to stick to it as much as possible. In the back of my mind, I know there is no room for error, particularly when we’re talking contest prep. I’m always super focused on doing everything I have to do to stay on plan, but hey… A girl has some cravings too! Today, I want to tell you exactly how I kill my pancake cravings with a YUMMY thing I found recently. And that’s, P28 High Protein Pancake Mix. But the REAL question is… Is it any good? Let me share MY thoughts.

The Nutrition Label

One of the first things that excited me MOST about this particular pancake mix was that it was an “already-done-for-you” kind of deal. I’ve tried, in the past, to make a homemade version of “high protein” pancake mixes, but that never (EVER) came out good. It would often feel and taste very dry and rubbery, and mainly because I simply included a scoop or so of protein powder into the mix.

That was my biggest fear when purchasing this product. I’ll discuss a little further down how that turned out. But let’s, for now, take a look at the nutrition label.

Total Calories: 160 (per 45g of dry weight serving)

Total Fat: 2g

Total Carbohydrates: 22g

Protein: 14g

Now, as you can clearly see there are still carbs in the mix, so that has to be factored in with your personal macros for the day. Also, I had slightly expected the protein to be a bit higher. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely better than NOTHING at all, or the little you might get with traditional pancake mix. However, I wouldn’t call this “high protein” the way the company does. The GOOD thing is that you can boost the total protein by adding some stuff to the mix, and tweaking it to your liking. Something, I personally found to be essential for my own palate.

What Exactly is In It

So the next thing that I always take a look at are the ingredients. I tend to easily side-eye supplement and fitness industry geared companies, because they STAY trying to pull a fast one. All for the sake of scoring a quick buck. But the ingredients in this were actually pretty good. I’ve so far only tried the buckwheat flavor, which I found to be very hearty. Here’s what they put into it:

Buckwheat flour, whole oat flour, whey protein isolate (whey protein, soy lecithin), wheat gluten, whole buckwheat flour, sweet cream buttermilk, natural flavors, monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, monk fruit extract.

Not too shabby at all, and one of the things I think that leads to a really good end cooked product is the fact that they actually use grain flour in the first two ingredients. Take note though of the wheat gluten in the mix, as this might be a problem for those who have a true gluten sensitivity.

Mixing That Bad Boy Up

So this is where things may get a little interesting. I have, since buying this mix, made several batches of waffles and pancakes. The first time I tried it, I made it as per the directions. And to be honest with you – I thought it was really kind of dry. At first, I thought that was due to the cook time, so the next time I whipped up a batch, I cooked it for less time. That helped A LITTLE, but not to my liking. I have come up with quite a number of ways to actually make it into a VERY moist, and fluffy pancake (or waffle) however.

  • Add either whole eggs or egg whites. This one was a major one, and a staple for me each time I make these. The ingredients simply call for water, kind of like any complete pancake mix. However, that leaves them very dry in my experience. Just something as simple as 1 whole egg, or 2 egg whites, to the mix helped a TON. Plus, that gave a nice boost in protein as well.
  • Add a dash of baking powder. This is another MUST for me. The baking powder pretty much changed the whole game with this bad boy. A small dash of it in any baking recipe is what adds that fluffiness to your dish. And this is no exception. 1/4 teaspoon is absolutely perfect.
  • Add almond milk instead of water. This one is something I tend to do with my regular pancake mix as well. Something about the almond milk, to me, gives it a better flavor, and a better consistency with the batter. I like thicker pancakes so a little goes a long way – and improves the taste even longer.
  • Optional – add a tablespoon of plain Greek Yogurt. If you aren’t much into eggs, I feel like this really does a fine job as a replacement. The yogurt gives it a nice fluffiness – even without adding the baking powder. If I’m out of either, I’ll often use this as a second option.
  • Add REAL pancake mix. This one is more in line with what I do as of late, particularly if I’m going to make this into pancakes vs. waffles. To me it’s much fluffier and just to die for. You only need a little bit, so about 2 or 3 tablespoons is plenty.
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Best Way to Cook It

One of the things that I just absolutely LOVE, and could die for, are WAFFLES! I’m so obsessed that I have a waffle maker at home. In fact, I can no longer even eat frozen waffles very often. I much rather prefer the taste of freshly whipped up, soft and fluffy waffles.

And this happens to be my favorite way to make this mix up. I’ve tried it as pancakes, and it was really yummy. However I still had the issue of them being a little dry when cooked just in a pan or griddle. The one thing that helps to avoid this, and gives you fluffy pancakes each time, is by adding a little complete pancake mix to your batch. Again, a little goes a long way, but you’ll be really pleased with the end result.

Does P28 High Protein Pancake Mix Measure Up?

Ok so here’s the bottom line, what everyone is waiting to hear… Does this stuff measure up? Is it worth the trouble, and your dollars at the end of the day? My answer…

YES! Yes it is.

I really prefer to use this more when I’m focused on dieting and fat loss vs. typical every day eating. It just gives me options to be able to have some favorites without blowing my diet. And in my book, that can only lead to further longterm success.

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The easiest place for you to get it is right online, and luckily Amazon has it!  I had started off with the buckwheat flavor, but they also have 3 other yummy ones that are next on my list. The one that sounds the MOST appealing to me is the double chocolate/coconut flavored one! You had me at HELLO P28! And I am definitely HERE for it.

Get All The Flavors Right Here on Amazon.

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