You’re Mediocre and That’s The Problem. A Coaching Message You NEED to Hear!

Every single month I send my online clients a motivational message I want them to carry for the entire month when it comes to their training and nutrition. I don’t sugar coat things. There are F-bombs in this, but the message is crystal clear. You have to step it up. The problem with most folks when it comes to their fitness goals is that they are content with being mediocre. Is that you!? If so, this message will light that fire in you to get hungry, get angry, and get off your butt to reach your goals.


Part 1: Facebook Live Version


Part 2: July RoxStar Fitness Inner Circle Coaching Program Version


Download and listen to the audio version below.


Are You Looking for the RIGHT Coach to Invest in YOUR Best Prep Yet?

Look, I know what it’s like trying to figure out this game by yourself, and wanting to really present your best. I spent a great majority of my amateur coaching myself, and the mind games you can play can throw you off track.

Now, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to help HUNDREDS of competitors reach their stage goals and aspirations. I’ve also had quite a number turn pro within the IFBB and WBFF. Not only that, I am an IFBB Pro and an Olympian as well.

It takes that level of expertise to bring out your best. Too many folks on the internet nowadays call themselves coaches, but they lack the experience, and most of all the expertise to truly being doing any of this stuff in the first place.

That leaves you to get stuck with cookie cutter diets, cookie cutter training programs, way too much cardio, and the potential to bring about metabolic damage if you keep dong this season after season.

It’s time for you to start doing this stuff the RIGHT WAY.

And I’m here to help! I’m currently taking on new clients for contest prep – and so now’s the perfect time to become a Roxstar. Whether you’re going into off-season, or you’re ready to start your best contest prep program yet, there is a smarter way – and I can show you that.

Get a 100% customized training program, diet, and full support for posing, suit selection, tanning – and more. All the things your coach should be guiding you with for your absolute best look yet up on that stage.

And after we’re done with your show, we’ll focus on reverse dieting you back to a normal and healthy way of eating and training – and continue to evolve your body for the next level of your competition endeavors.

Click here to find out more information on getting started.

You absolutely CANNOT AFFORD to waste money on someone else who lacks experience, integrity, and the desire to see YOU succeed as much as you want it for yourself.

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