Is Toning a Myth? The REAL Truth Behind Building Muscle for Women

I get this question literally ALL THE TIME… Is toning a myth? Or is it a real state of being fit that one can, and should strive for. I’ll tell you what, as a coach, the word “toning” drives me absolutely IN FREAKIN SANE! So I always find it my personal crusade to get women to understand the real story behind what works, when it comes to transforming the body.


Many women are scared into this crazy idea that lifting weights will make them bulky.

A lot of this is directly driven by society’s view on what dictates femininity and beauty. The fitness industry came up with the word toned in order to sell products to women, and do it in a way to make it sound less scary and more acceptable to our culture. What they don’t realize is that toning is essentially weight training, or any form of exercise that can build muscle point blank.

Things to Keep In Mind: Toning isn’t a real thing.

  • A muscle can grow and develop through training
    • It doesn’t turn into fat or vice versa.
    • When you tone, you’re simply putting on muscle, and hopefully keeping body fat low enough to actually SEE that muscle.
    • If you put on muscle but don’t decrease body fat – that’s when women start to feel “bulky”. Because you are increasing mass and thus volume by not watching how you’re handling body fat too.
  • High reps and light weights don’t necessarily TONE a muscle
    • For beginners, you might see an increase in “tonality” which simply put is the muscles ability to maintain in a slight contraction even while at rest. Resulting in a more “defined” or fuller look.
    • But for what mostly everyone wants to achieve, weight dreaming over various rep ranges is KEY to creating a more athletic shape.
  • Take into account controlling body fat as well
    • To have what most women see as being toned, you need to lose fat.
    • So to achieve that you have to train more, train hard, EAT to be Lean, and focus on smart fat loss
    • The toned look that many women covet is around 15 to 20% body fat – generally
  • Mix up your training to see the results you want
    • Taking classes – yoga, Zumba, dance, Cross Fit, strength training can help
    • Play around with interval training cardio and HIIT for increased fat loss
    • Strength training is a must, and don’t be afraid to lift heavy – hit the weights
    • Add longer duration cardio as well because it does have it’s place: biking, running, hiking, hitting up stairs, etc.

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