How to Gain Muscle for Skinny Women – 5 Great Tips

You know we hear a lot of chatter about how to lose weight for women, but what about skinny women out there who want to PUT ON WEIGHT, lean muscle, and size – without too much body fat.

Today, let’s discuss my top 5 tips about exactly how to successfully gain muscle for skinny women.

How to Gain Muscle for Skinny Women

  • Look to your diet – Increase your calories.
    • High metabolism likely
    • 15 x BW in Pounds then increase calories by adding an additional 5 to 15%.
    • If you are eating too little right now, slowly increase calories by adding 100 to 250 calories each week or 2 until you get there.
  • Train heavy
    • Don’t be afraid to lift.
    • Focus on keeping rep ranges between 5 to 12 reps.
    • Use undulating rep ranges to challenge the body and mix it up.
    • Allow 1 to 2 days of rest before hitting a muscle again.
  • Train the body parts you want to improve 2 times a week.
    • Don’t go overboard, muscle is TORN DOWN in the gym and built in rest and recovery.
  • Decrease cardio
    • Cardio creates a caloric sink and makes adding muscle harder.
    • For hard gainers keep the cardio no more than about 10 to 20 mins per session. For some not at all.
  • Always track your workouts work logbooks and set realistic goals that you write down.


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