Success Starts With A Plan! Fasten Your Seatbelt And Get Ready To Transform Your Body & Your LIFE Through Your EMPOWERED Fitness Journey

It’s no secret that success in weight loss, toning up, building your body, and TRULY living a lifestyle rooted in fitness starts with having a solid plan.

But that’s where SO MANY women, time and again, fall short.

If you’re a woman who is COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED with doing the same thing over and over, not seeing results, and you’re DYING to finally unlock the EXACT approach to training and nutrition that will work for you…

Then you OWE IT to yourself to get into my Empowered Feminine Fitness Group Coaching Program, PRONTO!

Now It's Your Turn: I've Helped HUNDREDS Of Men & Women Get Into Their Best Shape - Become My Next Success Story!

Do Something Extraordinary

Invest In You! Take Your Fitness To The Next Level - And Master The Secret Formula That YOUR Body Needs To Look Fit, Fine, And Feminine For Life

REAL Results! This client had an amazing 16 week transformation with our program. How different will YOUR body be in just 16 weeks from today?

My approach to group coaching is crafted as an easy-to-follow self-paced membership program designed to help you to get complete control of your training and your nutrition – rooted in my result driven/evidence-based approach that has transformed HUNDREDS of women from around the globe.

In Their Own Words... Here's What My Clients Want You To Know

I Found My Motivation Again

I’ve been following Roxie for several months on Youtube, and I knew right away I wanted to work with her. Coaching wasn’t an option for me because financially I need to stay within a budget. So when I heard about her Inner Circle program, I knew it would be right up my alley.

And I couldn’t be more happy! I was really unmotivated when I first started. After the pandemic I lost my motivation to train and got really off track with my goals. I just needed something to make me be able to not think, get in the gym again, and just stay accountable. And I must say, that’s exactly what I got when I signed up!

Roxie sends programs out every month that you can follow, or you can make up your own thing with the single workouts she puts out. Her workouts are AWESOME. Better than anything I could have come up with on my own (duh!!). And I lost 15 pounds in just a few weeks, lost tons of inches, my clothes are loose, my body is firm and toned. I am so happy that I was able to not only just get going again, but I was able to reach my initial weight loss goal.

If you’re hesitant about getting started, don’t! It’s well worth your money, AND you will be in contact with Roxie directly. That I really appreciated.

I can’t thank Roxie enough for her wonderful work and all the time, effort and care she put into this. You really can’t go wrong!

I've Gotten Stronger And Seeing Muscles I Never Knew I Had

Roxie’s program is the bomb! I originally came to her because I thought I wanted to do a bikini competition, but life got really crazy for me so I had a change in plans. But still, getting into shape and just building the body in general was always something fascinating to me.

Doing private coaching wasn’t an option for me financially with school, but when Roxie told me about her group program I jumped right in.

I’ve gotten stronger, seeing muscles I never knew I had, my stomach feels less bloated, I have more energy and I feel more confident in myself overall.

To anyone thinking about if this is the right program for them, or if they should spend the money on a coaching program, I say GO FOR IT. I am so glad I did, and feel like Roxie really cares about my success. And it shows in my results.

Being An Example Of Health For My Kiddos

Total confidence!

That’s what I can say I’ve really gained the most from working with Roxie. I have been following her for a long time, and she always inspired me with my fitness and training.

Even though I’m not really thinking about competing, for me looking and feeling good as a mom and being an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like is important to me to show my kiddos and my family. I’ve always struggled with my self-esteem quite a bit, and I wanted to be done with that mentality for good.

With Roxie’s help I’ve been able to get super consistent in the gym. I cleaned up my eating, and even have my kids eating better too (any mom knows how that’s a miracle in itself). And I’m fitting into clothes I hadn’t worn in years, especially after having my last baby.

The meditations and journal prompts were the things that I found most valuable in my journey. And it goes without saying Roxie’s workouts are killer.

Thanks Rox for helping me to really find my confidence! And for helping me to get on the right track to staying on top of my health for life.

I've Learned How To Make Healthier Choices In Life

I worked with Roxie for over 3 months. And within that time, I expected to lose about 30 pounds.

She totally met my expectations and more!

I never had a trainer in person before and I was very apprehensive about working with an online trainer/coach.  Considering this was my first experience it has been the best experience! I felt as if the plan was made specifically for me and no one else. I have transformed my body in ways I never thought I could. Roxie took my likes and dislikes and created a schedule that fits my lifestyle.

I would totally recommend her to anyone!

My training has been a fantastic journey. Not only did I lose weight and sculpt my body but I learned how to make healthier choices in life. I feel confident enough to go in the gym and know exactly what to do.  Our training has taught me practices that I can use for a lifetime.

I would say if you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthier, and gain confidence you need to train with Roxie.

If you have the drive and discipline to succeed,  Roxie gives you all the tools and information you need to make the change – but it’s up to the person to comply with the plan. Roxie can’t make you exercise or eat the proper food.  The individual has to want it enough to make sacrifices, but once you see the end result it will all be worth it!  TRUST ME!*

I Feel So Much Stronger And I Love Lifting Heavy Weights

I found Roxie through a friend of a friend.

I needed an extra push to get my butt in gear after having my second child.

I started working with Roxie about 8 months after having my son. I lost most of the baby weight on my own except for the last 10lbs.  I wanted to train with someone who wouldn’t push supplements down my throat or starve me.

I told Roxie what kind of schedule I had to work with.

I am a stay at home mother of 2 boys so I had to work ME time in!!

She was so easy to work with. Answered all my questions and always pushed me harder.

I hardly ever felt hungry. I not only cleaned up my diet but also my husband’s and kids’ diets as well!! When I started working with Roxie I was in a size 10. After 10 short weeks, I dropped 12lbs and can now wear all my pre-pregnancy jeans!!

I am now in a size 5!

I loved my workouts! I looked forward to each and every one of them! I feel so much stronger and love lifting heavy weights! I have seen muscles I haven’t seen in years!

Working with Roxie exceeded my expectations! Her coaching and support are amazing! I would recommend Roxie to anyone looking to get in their best physical health!!


  • You’ve been working your butt off and NOT seeing the results you want.
  • You’re spending SO MUCH TIME working out and you’re frustrated your body doesn’t show it.
  • You know WHAT eating healthy means, and you do for the most part, but your diet still has holes and stops your results.
  • You’ve been doing the same workouts for a while, and you’re bored.
  • Your body doesn’t seem to quite respond to your workouts the way it used to.
  • You’ve been stuck on this damn plateau for a long time now, and you just want to get OFF.
  • You’ve lost motivation and you really just need some support to get you going again.
  • You love my approach to fitness and you KNOW I’m the one who can help you.
  • You’re ready to make some MAJOR CHANGES in your life and your fitness plays a MAJOR role in that.
  • You want to just be healthy again, and right now, you’re not your best.
  • You want to fit into your old clothes again, and you refuse to buy a new wardrobe.
  • You want to be an example of health and what a truly empowered woman looks like to the world, your family, and especially your kids.
  • You’re tired of trying to piece together information online and do this on your own, and you just want it all spelled out in a way that you can have the most control over.
  • You want to go on autopilot in this process so you can just focus on having fun and showing up.


Let's Be Honest...

If Transforming Your Body Was As Easy As Showing Up At The Gym And Eating Clean, You'd Already Have Your DREAM Body!

How FREEING would it feel to walk into the gym and know EXACTLY what workout you’ll be hitting?

How CONFIDENT would you feel knowing that the workout you’re doing is put together in a way that will ALMOST guarantee results?

How MOTIVATED would it feel to know that you have a coach who is right by your side, cheering you on, giving you that tough love, but most of all who has your best interest at heart when giving you the blueprint to your fitness success?

How AMAZING will you look once your body starts to take shape and respond to the work you’re consistently putting in.

How SUPPORTED will you be knowing, by your side, stands women from around the globe working together in a community to get results, be there for each other, and rooting for each other’s success?

How EMPOWERED will you be when you dedicate time to meditation, journaling, and learning the WHY behind creating diets, effective training programs, and getting SUPER connected to what’s driving you to take care of your health?

Raise Your Hand If This Describes You...

If you are a woman who is looking to get into the BEST shape of your life, but you can’t seem to get past those last few pounds…

You feel like the universe is conspiring against you because no matter how little you eat, or how much you train, it just ain’t happening. Nothing is changing.

Maybe you’re someone who DREAMS of having a toned, fit, feminine, and STRONG physiquebut you’re skinny!

And nothing you do seems to be able to put on hard-earned muscle.

And you’ve had ENOUGH.


Maybe you dream of stepping on a bodybuilding stage one day, but you’ve got work to do first!

Your dreams are a year or more away and you need to start to do something NOW, before hiring a coach and getting on board to get on a contest prep for real…

Look, My Dear, This Stuff Is Science - But It's Not Rocket Science.

And despite that, it takes a skilled professional to know exactly what kind of training programs and workouts it takes to get the body to melt fat, build, and tone muscle like MAGIC!

Let me be quite frank with you and ask you this question straight up…

Are YOU an expert at program design?

Do you walk into the gym without a clear vision of the EXACT workouts you need to get that body that’s stuck in your head OUT into your reality?

Are YOU the type of woman who is hungry to learn about the “WHY” of what gets results?

And are you self-motivated?

Can you follow a program, show up, do the work, and stay connected with a community of women just like you to keep you focused and inspired on your road to better health and fitness?

If you said yes to ANY of this…

Then honey, keep scrolling, I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Let's Get You Fit, Fine, And Fiercely Feminine Through My Inner Circle Group Coaching Program


Set a compelling fitness lifestyle vision and learn how to get the right things done to achieve not only your best body – but best BALANCED LIFE ever. Get and STAY motivated.


Get INSTANT ACCESS to hundreds of hours of masterclasses, self-paced eCourses, journal prompts, meditations, workouts, meal planning guides and more. Plus new content added monthly.


Create your feminine energy, fitness inspired sisterhood. Make connections, get support and build relationships with other like-minded women that last a lifetime. Weekly group coaching calls will keep you accountable and focused.


Gain skills to create the body and life you want, improve your life in all aspects, inspire yourself to keep reaching for your best, and build the confidence you crave to blossom into your fullest potential – as a woman.

All course materials, including workouts, macros/calories calculators, streaming videos, MP3s, transcripts, journal prompts and additional resources are within our online member portal.

Who Is This Program For?

And How Does The Program Work?

My group coaching membership program offers the perfect solution for women who know they need a little help in reaching their goals because even with all the work they’re already putting into the gym and their diet, something isn’t quite working.

You need accountability – and knowing you have an entire community of women like you to support you and having access to a coach will be a major game-changer in your transformation.

You need to simply go on autopilot, knowing that the program you have is PROVEN to get the results you want. One designed by a professional who details everything for you so you can top thinking, have more fun in your workouts and stay inspired as your body transforms before your eyes.

Most importantly, you need support, encouragement, and motivation along the way.

We’ve got you, darling! And this is how we’ll deliver on this promise…

Drop The Guesswork: Get A FULLY DESIGNED Training Program Sent To You Every Single Month

Stop guess what works, and simply DO what works!

Even if you’re working out right now, the problem is that your body has gotten used to YOUR way of working.

Showing up to the gym is only ONE part of the equation. It’s the first step. Knowing what to do when you get there, HOW to do it properly, and changing your workouts at the proper intervals is what really leads to success.

This is what professionals like my have mastered, and what I want to help you to learn and see for yourself.

Each and every month you’ll be sent your results-driven training program. Whether your goal is to incinerate fat to get tight and toned, or to put on some size by increasing calorie-torching lean muscle, you’ll never have to GUESS what to do ever again.

The monthly training programs in the Inner Circle are designed with both cardio and your training schedule all spelled out.

And it is 100% adjustable for your needs.

We have a workout track for those training at home, and those training at the gym.

So no matter what your set up, you can still successfully conquer each of our workout challenges each month.

Feel Empowered, Strong, And Motivated With Our Easy To Follow (KICK BUTT) Downloadable & Video Workouts

Whether you workout at home or at the gym, we’ve got you covered!

The workout program format comes in two layouts:

  • Downloadable PDFs that you can print out and bring with you to gym.
  • Video and audio on-demand “done-with-you” programs you can follow in real-time.

With all of our setups, your training program is ALL spelled out.

Every rep, every set, tempo, weight consideration and more. Simply print out your results-driven, evidence-based program and watch it transform YOU from head to toe.

And don’t worry, our PDF workouts have video tutorials to teach you how to properly execute every single move. You’ll never have to guess what to or how to do it – we’ll show you.

Your only focus, to BEAT your numbers from week to week. Best your best, and have fun in the process.

Enjoy Video Workouts? Our Library Of Done-With-You Workouts Will Keep You Inspired & Motivated

Customize Your Program With New Workout Programs Released Weekly

In addition to the workouts sent to you each month, you have access to a weekly growing library of workouts for you to choose from to mix up your training when ever you wish.

This is what brings an element of fun, self-paced control, motivation, and inspiration to our work together.

Focus on the body parts that you want to improve. Challenge yourself in new ways, and tweak the pre-designed program structure in a way that is more customized to your specific vision for your body and lifestyle.

We have hundreds of workouts to choose from for every body part. And we add several new workouts on a weekly basis.


Get A Custom Meal Plan Or Create Your Own W/ Macros & Calories

Dietary concerns often loom large for many of my dedicated RoxStars. Navigating the complexities of what to eat can be a significant challenge, and if you find yourself grappling with this dilemma, I’m here to bring clarity and eliminate the guesswork.

Let’s address this head-on—no matter your coaching level, I’ve got your back when it comes to meal planning. I understand the hurdles you may face, and that’s why both coaching tiers seamlessly incorporate a dedicated meal planning option. It’s not just about what you eat; it’s about empowering you with a practical and effective solution to make your nutrition journey a breeze. Let’s simplify, strategize, and conquer those dietary challenges together!


Your Plan

Disk Space

Email Accounts

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text


Deluxe inner circle group coaching

100% CUSTOMIZED Meal plan


meal plan based on your needs

3-6 meals per day

all meals spelled out

foods you love & enjoy

ability to swap foods out for flexible dieting 

strategically placed cheat meals

drop 100% Guesswork & Go on autopilot

monthly adjustment


macros & Calories Meal Planning

CUSTOMIZED macros & calories

track your macros/calories w/ my fitness pal

numbers based on your lifestyle

guidance & coaching to assist w/ meal creation 

allows freedom for more advanced roxstars

compliance tracking


No matter which level you decide to embark on, every Roxstar gains entry to the one-of-a-kind nutrition eCourse available online. This course isn’t just any; it’s the sole one that equips you with the skills to craft a diet on par with the expertise of a sports nutrition specialist.

I’m here to guide you through the process, unveiling the secrets step by step, so you can formulate your personalized, results-driven flexible dieting meal plan, just like a seasoned nutritionist.

How? Through my revolutionary eCourse, Meal Planning Magic 101—an invaluable resource worth $497, and you’ll be thrilled to know it’s yours absolutely free as part of this program. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Look Over Roxie's Shoulder As She Teaches You How to Create Your Diet

If you’ve ever wanted to finally learn how to create you own diet – from start to finish – now is your chance to finally solve that mystery. Meal Planning Magic 101 is designed to completely demystify the meal plan creation process for you, and give you  my results proven step-by-step formula to easily create a flexible dieting meal plan that you’ll absolutely love.

Nutrition is the missing puzzle piece in the picture of your success. To complete that puzzle, come and work with me in this amazing pre-recorded on-demand workshop where I’ll teach you exactly how to design your meal plan like a pro!

In addition to mastering this invaluable actionable skill, you’ll also have access to several pre-designed meal plans that you can choose to follow as is, or tweak to your personal preferences.

Let Me Support You With Hands-on Real-Time Group Coaching & Personalized Coaching Calls

Just because it’s a group coaching program, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be lost in the shuffle.

What you bring to the program is what you get out of it. And I’m here to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

Work closely with a community of RoxStars to inspire you along the way as you work towards a common goal of improving your life and transforming your body.

Attend our weekly group coaching calls to stay accountable and focused on your personal journey.

Get personalized help with me directly via a monthly private coaching call to monitor your progress, to get personalized advice on tweaks you need to make, and to answer any questions you have regarding your program to ensure you stay on the right track.

I offer two programming levels to accommodate your needs. Here’s how that’s structured.

Choose From Two Membership Levels

Let’s face it… Everyone is at a different starting point. Some RoxStars need a little more help the others, and for this reason, we’ve got TWO great membership options to choose from.


Your Plan

Disk Space





Email Accounts

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text


Deluxe inner circle group coaching

100% CUSTOMIZED meal plan, Done-for-you training & monthly mentorship/coaching 


done-for-you (Pre-designed) training all spelled out

personal coaching/mentorship w/ Roxie


1 Private 1-on-1 Coaching Call Per Month

monthly EMAIL CHECK-IN (1x/month)


unlimited access to training programs & workouts

24 hour access to personal ai coach roxie

monthly motivational/mindset coaching

contest prep crash course

meal planning magic 101 ecourse


Monthly Plan

inner circle group coaching



Macros/Calories + my fitness pal coaching




1 Private 1-on-1 Coaching Call/Month








Monthly Plan

**Note: There is a $97 cancelation fee policy for coaching agreements under 12 months. We want to work with clients who are serious about their goals, and understand it will take a commitment to get results. Our payments are month-to-month, so a cancelation fee ensures we only enroll the best clients focused on their long-term goals.**

Get Started With My Inner Circle Group Coaching Mentorship Program Now


Get INSTANT ACCESS to your coaching program TODAY!

Payments are from month-to-month on the day that you sign up. Cancel ANY time!

Due to the digital nature of our program, we do not offer refunds.

Check Out This Site Demo

And See How You Access Your Program From Anywhere In The World - On Any Device

For ease and convenience, my membership community is designed to work on all platforms and for all devices. The power to transform your body is in the palm of your hand.

Everything is easily accessible and at your fingers 24/7.

You’ll also be able to stay connected with me through our private Discord Community, weekly group coaching phone calls, and our members only private email list.

Empower Your Fitness Journey & Truly Become Fit Fine & Feminine With These Life-Enhancing Bonuses

One of the main things I want to have you feel as a member is that your experience has had a real true impact on your life – both inside and outside of the gym.

Where other fitness programs stop – we pick up and are just beginning… Our main focus – helping you to become the woman you know you can be at your fullest potential.

  • Confident in life.
  • Owning your space in the world around you.
  • Able to think on your feet when it comes to exactly what you need to do to master your fitness goals.
  • Back on track and fully motivated to push yourself in the gym.
  • Get into those clothes sitting in the back of your closet that no longer fit.
  • Enhancing your feminine energy and power – even as you embrace a lifestyle that makes you feel stronger, leaner, incredibly toned, and loving what you see every single time you look in the mirror.
  • And ready to live your life to the FULLEST as you redefine what leading a fitness lifestyle means to you.

Instantly unlock on-demand coaching modules designed to inspire you to take your fitness journey to the next level.

These coaching modules usually come in audio or video format and are particular messages I handcraft for our entire community of Roxstar Fitness coaching clients of all levels.

Each lesson focuses on enriching a part of your life that has a major impact on how you feel about yourself, and how you can build your self-esteem and confidence while you create the body of your dreams. You’ll also be learning valuable lessons and skills focused on helping you to MAINTAIN the changes you make with us over a lifetime.

Here are the lessons you will master each and every month…

Featured Masterclasses and Upcoming Live Workshops

Check Out Our Current Roster of Exclusive Classes, Workouts, eCourses and More

It’s not just about getting a new diet and training program.

The progress YOU want to see also requires that you dig deep, and get to the heart and the reason why your goals matter to you.

It’s time you unlock the TRUE secret of fitness success – and build your body as well as your confidence in the process.

My exclusive masterclasses are geared to help you do just that.

Masterclass 1: Dietary Freedom

On-Demand Lesson: How to Cheat on Your Meal Plan Without Blowing Your Diet

Learn the exact formula to being able to add variety and freedom to your meal planning – all while staying on track.

Masterclass 2: Vacation and Travel Eating

On-Demand Lesson: How to Travel With Food for Vacations and Holidays

Master the foolproof game plan to help you work around a busy travel schedule, and handle holidays while not skipping a beat on your meal plan.

Masterclass 3: Overcoming Emotional Eating

On-Demand Lesson: Food As Nourishment and Source Energy

Get rid of negative thoughts around food, and replace bad habits associated with emotional eating. Build strategies to handle stress more responsibly.

Masterclass 4: Enhancing Your Family’s Lifestyle

On-Demand Lesson: Healthy Eating Tactics for Your Kids and Family

Your fitness goals can have a major impact on those around you. Learn tactics to help inspire your family to make better choices too.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 5: Tap Into Your Feminine Power

On-Demand Lesson: Redefining Strength – Tapping Your Femininity Within Your Fitness

Being strong, fearless, and feminine is possible. Tap into your feminine energy to influence your outlook and fitness like never before.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 6: Shift Your Thinking Around Cardio

On-Demand Lesson: Release the Cardio Bunny Mentality

Explore specific strategies to enhance and improve your cardiovascular training. Understand how to PROPERLY use it for fat loss – while doing LESS.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 7: The Science Behind Strength Training

On-Demand Lesson: Basic Strength Training Principles

Master the why’s behind the why of strength training, and some principles to help you to understand what gets results, builds strength, and transforms your body in the gym.

Masterclass 8: Master Your Mindset in the Gym

On-Demand Lesson: Build a Healthy Relationship w/ The Gym

We’ll bring your approach to your workout to the next level and give you the tools to continually raise the bar, use it as your mental solace, and dig deeper in your workouts.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 9: Own YOUR Personal Fabulous

On-Demand Lesson:  Getting Comfortable With Your Body & Loving Every Inch of You

Month 9 pivots towards giving you the tools to increase your self-awareness in a loving and self-supportive way. All focused on allowing you to love and embrace who you are – even as you continue your transformation.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 10: Redefine Your Style

On-Demand Lesson:  Define and Embrace Your Personal Brand and Redefine Your Style

At this point in your journey, you’ll probably have the body of your dreams – or be well on the way. How we present ourselves to the world stems from our personal view and how we inside. Enhancing that is the final game changing step in your transformation. We’ll explore what that means and how it works for you.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 11: Daily Rituals to Center and Ground You

On-Demand Lesson:  Enhance Your Feminine Energy Through Daily Rituals

One of the most powerful ways to help you to enhance your femininity, all while improving your body and lifestyle, is rooted in daily rituals. In this lesson we’ll take a closer look at ways to keep your energy high and your confidence higher through daily self-defined practices.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Masterclass 12: Bringing You to the Forefront

On-Demand Lesson: Positive Selfishness: Self-Care and Self- Love Workshop

Our final institute lesson brings focus to the most important subject of our work together – you. I want to leave you with some actionable tools you can start applying to your life periodically to ensure that you continue to apply all of the tools you’ve learned, and allow you to understand the importance of healthy personal boundaries. And most importantly, put you first in a balanced and positive fashion.

(Coming Soon as a Live Coaching Class)

Consistency & Your Dedication to Self Is Key... Here's How You'll Stay Accountable and Supported

I want you to know that you’ll NEVER be alone in this process.

Even though the program is completely self-paced, and you can progress at whatever speed works best for you and your availability – I am here along with my team of Success Coaches to assist you every step of the way.

But of course, our MAIN goal is to make sure that you don’t give up on yourself, and that you have a reliable way to stay focused on achieving your goals. With that in mind, this is what’s available to you – at your fingertips – to keep you accountable and on track:

  • Private Facebook Group to build your community of support.
  • Access to me through our Facebook Group and Live Video Q&A’s.
  • Weekly group coaching calls directly with me where you can also touch base with our amazing and inspiring community of RoxStars just like you.

If you dedicate yourself to showing up, and using the accountability resources available to you, I promise you – you will not fail. Keep in mind that your success is OUR success – and we’re here to support you through the process of transformation from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Differ From Your 1-on-1 Coaching Program?

My Inner Circle Group Coaching Program is a 24/7 on-demand and self-paced membership program. The beautiful thing about this program is that it allows you to work under the premises of my training and coaching approach at fraction of the cost of my 1-on-1 coaching program.

My Inner Circle Group Coaching Program is a fully pre-designed program in structure, but allows for customization and variety for your personalized needs. You’ll be able to reach out to us for support at any time to make the program as custom as you need it to be for your needs. You are responsible for adding that customization, but we give you all the tools and help you need to be successful at doing that.

My 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship program takes a more customized and personally designed programming set up for clients within those levels.

Can I Use This Program For Contest Prep?

Although my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program is not designed for contest prep, if you are someone looking to compete at some point in the future, it is the perfect level to get your body on track, to focus on improving your mindset, and to enhance your lifestyle well in advance of beginning a contest prep.

You’ll have access to my exclusive RoxStar Fitness Competitor’s Bootcamp which is a great starting point for any competitor looking to get involved with the sport of bodybuilding. You’ll learn about the history of the sport, which division is best for you, what the judges look for and more.

In the near future, I plan to release a self-paced 16-week contest prep program that those looking to prep themselves can easily follow. In the meantime, the site’s workouts can be tweaked to work for a prep – but I would suggest you consider adding posing sessions and investing in private coaching calls as well to help you through the process.

This program is geared more towards women who are looking to make a MAJOR transformation in their body and how they personally value themselves as women thriving in a fitness-focused lifestyle.

I Workout at Home. Can I Successfully Follow This Program?

Yes! We have a growing library of workouts that you can do easily at home with bands, dumbbells, and minimal equipment.

Keep in mind that it’s best if you have access to a fully equipped gym or enough equipment at home to successfully follow the gym-based workout programs. However, if you download any of our workouts that are gym-based, you can come to our Discord Server and specifically ask for replacement exercises for ones you may not be able to complete at home.

Some workouts will come with alternatives on the program already. We do our best to accommodate all kinds of situations.

Is This Program Good for Beginners?

Although this program isn’t intended for ABSOLUTE beginners who have never worked out, it can be accommodated with private 1:1 workouts via Zoom with Roxie if you need additional help.

We have a growing library of video workouts that work very well for beginners, so there are indeed some options if this is your first time embarking on a fitness program.

For most of our PDF downloadable workouts, it is advised that you are familiar with and confident in the gym – particularly in the weight room. It’s best if you have at least 1-2 years of experience in the gym for these kinds of workouts.

Many of our workouts can be done at home!

We have a growing library of at-home-specific workouts. And, if you need to swap something out of our other programs formatted for the gym, you can simply ask for replacements in our Discord Server and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I Move to 1-on-1 Coaching If I Choose To Later On?

Yes, absolutely! Simply schedule a clarity call with Roxie so you can discuss your options and the best next steps.

Will I Be Working Directly With Roxie?

Yes! Each week, you’ll have an opportunity to work directly with Roxie in our weekly group coaching calls. Outside of that, you’ll be able to touch base with Roxie in our private Discord Server.

The materials, workouts, diets, and articles on the site are all created by Roxie. So you can rest assured that everything we have you following is straight from her heart, and focused on helping you to truly get to the next level.

How Does Payment Work?

Your payments are handled through Stripe or Paypal – both trusted industry leaders for online transactions. Your financial information is NOT stored on our website. Instead, they are stored within the highly secure profiles created by those two trusted companies.

All payments for the program occur month-to-month on the day in which you sign up. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel?

All payments are month-to-month, so you may cancel at any time.

You can cancel your membership via your profile on our site – it will take you to your payment info on Paypal or Stripe.

Please be sure to cancel PRIOR to your card being charged as we offer no refunds under any circumstance due to the digital nature of our programming.

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Due to the digital nature of our program, we do not offer refunds.

Still On The Fence? Let These Clients Tell You How Together, We've Changed Their Lives

Look, I am not into tooting my own horn.

I firmly believe that my work with clients speaks for itself. My number 1 goal is to simply inspire my clients to unlock their best selves.

  • To reach their fullest potential.
  • To walk away from our coaching upon completion, and feel like they can TRULY maintain the changes we’ve made for the longterm.
  • To understand the why’s behind what works for them.
  • To get them to a point where they eliminate limiting beliefs that have held them back in the past, and give them the tools to instill a positive mindset that will influence them for years to come.

And in that way, I want you to hear from a few of my mentees who have worked closely with me as their coach, mentor, and biggest support.

Allow them to share their experiences as you decide whether you becoming a RoxStar is the smartest decision for YOU and your goals…

Akilah came on board to lose the new mom baby fat... In a few short weeks she dropped 14 pounds - and gained her confidence...

I not only came in with the best physique I ever brought to the stage, I also had the most amazing experience with prep...

I started off this prep with so much expectation, for my body and for the experience.

I had decided after last years contest season, that things NEEDED to be different. I was interested in trying new techniques, less drastic techniques. I KNEW there had to be another way.

I initially started working with another well known and very knowledgeable trainer.

That started me off to a great beginning to what I was hoping would bring me to my best physique EVER. As things turned out, at about 9-10 weeks out, things weren’t working out, and I made a huge and most difficult decision to break with that trainer.

I was scared and worried.

“Would I be able to, on my own, bring my body to the place I knew it could go?”

Let me say, I have done my own diet for years. Since, I pretty much started competing 6 years ago.

I know how to diet, and I know how to train.

But in the end, making decisions for myself is one of the hardest things I struggle with. I need support. That decision-making part in my prep is HUGE!

Here comes Roxie!!

I met Roxie in person at Team Universe. I have followed her personal training and prep journal online and I knew how knowledgeable she was in regards to not only diet, but also training.

She really seemed to know her stuff and she was training and dieting in a way that was consistent to what I wanted this prep.

After talking with her at length I made the decision to hire her to help me with my last 9 weeks till my first show and the remaining 12 till my last show of the season.

She more than exceeded my expectations!

I not only came in with the best physique I ever brought to the stage, I also had the most amazing experience with prep, I think I can honestly say I ever had in the entire 6 years of doing this crazy sport.

After this experience, I can say, I will NEVER prep any other way.*


Long gone are the hours upon hours on the cardio machine, doing multiple sessions a day.

Elimination of multiple food groups and dietary fats from my diet is a thing of the past.

I would say that by contest time, I am usually depleted, tired, and I feel my hair is starting to fall out. This year, not only did the latter NOT happen, but, I felt amazing! So good in fact, I could’ve continued to diet for so much longer had I wanted to.

Roxie also brings to the table, and incredible personality.

She is so very supportive.

She was always there for me at a moments notice if I was struggling. I had conversations not only via email, but telephone, which was a HUGE plus for me.

Roxie is a great person, and a true COACH, not just a “trainer” who spits out a diet and training regimen. She embodies all that I think a good coach should be.

Roxie is of course, also extremely inspirational in her own right.

As a fellow women’s physique competitor, she portrays all that I hope to be one day.

I would definitely work with her again in the future, without question.

Other than my family, she was my rock during prep, and someone I couldn’t have made it through without.*

Roxie has helped me overcome many health obstacles...


Roxie is by far one of the greatest trainers that I’ve worked with.

She is very knowledgeable when it comes to training and nutrition; she will not only provide you with the plans but will tell you WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

Roxie has helped me overcome many health obstacles during our training time and has been beyond patient with it all, she tailored every cycle to my personal needs; no cookie cutter plans!

She has been a huge motivator for me and a great example for new trainers, I recommend her to everyone!*

This Working Mother of 2 Took Control of Her Life and Her Body... Then Lost 30 Pounds!

How much is progress worth to you?

Whether you’re a busy parent, working professional, or a stay at home spouse taking care of the family, seeing progress is a matter of true dedication and work – along with the patience to boot.

Dionna came to me looking to take her body to the next level. She was tired of carrying around excess body fat, and wanted to see what her body can do if she were to push it to the limits (safely of course) all while managing her family and a busy life as a school teacher.  

Well, I can proudly say that with her, we had an EXTREME FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATION. Check out her journey in her own words:

When I came to Roxie, I was a 36-year-old mother of two (16 and 12). I worked full-time. I enjoyed working out and coaching volleyball. I love cooking especially baking. I lived a super typical life.

The crazy thing is I have been off and on training since around 2009. I had a YMCA membership and trained hard there. I loved the heavy lifting but my body did not change. It looked exactly the same months and months after training.

I was discouraged because I couldn’t understand why I looked the same.

My eating was the same. Super poor choices. Drinking, eating out frequently and midnight snacks…I really did not want to believe that nutrition played a huge role. I wanted to eat whatever and go hard in the gym and see a change!

I’ve always been unhappy with my belly.

I gained 75 pounds during my first pregnancy and the skin that stretched is still there. I had been working out for a while and kinda changed my diet but I still had this damn belly.

I was considering a tummy tuck (SERIOUSLY)!

But then I thought maybe a personal trainer could help me with food and workouts. It would be much cheaper in the long run.

My mind was right.

I knew I needed an overhaul. I researched and researched and came across Roxie.

What was the biggest motivating factor that made me decide to finally step up my game in the gym?

I know it sounds superficial but I don’t care. I wanted to look good in a bikini and be able to fit anything I wanted in the store.

I didn’t want to be the typical overweight Black mom with 2 kids justifying my weight because of my race. I thought if other women my age with kids can look good why can’t I.

I also have high blood pressure controlled by medication and wanted to see if the weight loss would help get off the meds (nope…genetics).

I found Roxie on Youtube…and Google.

I followed a couple of the youtube workouts and advice she shared, and when I finally decided that I was going to hire a personal trainer, Roxie was the first and only that I called.

My training was SO DIFFERENT than what I was doing before.

Jeez, not only do I get specific eating plans and workouts to fit my needs and goal I get a life coach and coach who is always accessible.

When I feel discouraged about my progress she keeps it real with me, if I want to eat off plan she gives me the pros and cons but is never condescending.

I am held accountable with progress updates. The changes I have seen because I am compliant are remarkable.

I would never have thought about competing and seeing my abs/obliques/back, quad and hamstring muscles two years ago.

Her approach to online coaching is perfect.

I have access to Roxie through emails and the closed client facebook page and so anytime I have questions and concerns she is there.

I do not have to be at the gym at a certain time.

I go when it fits in my schedule and as a busy mom sometimes it fluctuates. I don’t know if I would have that kind of access to a one-on-one personal trainer after our session is over. I had a one-on-one personal trainer and did not make the kind of progress I have made with Roxie.

As for my diet – SO FLEXIBLE.

I love food!!! So almost anything that is not on plan is my favorite. I’ve learned to adjust my favorite cheat meals into more compliant versions.

At the time of this writing, I am eating about 1800 calories. 5 meals and carbs and protein at almost every meal. So a typical training day is: Meal 1 turkey breast, avocado  and toast, Meal 2 chicken breast, yams and veggies, Meal 3 PWO protein shake and carb, Meal 4 Tuna, toast and veggies and Meal 5 chicken breast and veggies. Lots of food!!!

If you ask me what are the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my body since starting with Roxie’s program?

Man where do I start…

I have leaned out a great deal. I thin i’ve lost over 30 pounds. I have visible back, shoulder, tricep, bicep muscles.

I have a scar from a hysterectomy I had done about 7 years ago that I could not see unless I lifted my stomach. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that I could semi see the scar without lifting my stomach…MIRACLE!!!

I almost shed a tear.

Honestly, if I had to talk to my former self, before starting with Roxie, the only thing I would say stop 2nd guessing your choice. Make the call and do it!

So if I can share any advice if you may be thinking about working with Roxie, but you’re on the fence…

Do it.

It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only is Roxie’s whole program a tool to get you fit, it is a tool to keep you fit on this journey.

I have learned so much about how to eat which was always my downfall.

I have been able to stick with it this long not because Roxie gives me a diet plan but because she shows me how to work within the diet plan.

I came to her as a person who just wanted to look good but I stuck with her because she motivates, inspires and teaches me how to navigate on this journey called health and fitness.

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Payments are from month-to-month on the day that you sign up. Cancel ANY time!

Due to the digital nature of our program, we do not offer refunds.