This Is How You Prep For a Show (With Very Little Cardio)

Ok! So I’m really excited to share this next tidbit about my approach that I don’t always share with everyone (in great detail at least)…

What I want to reveal to you today is exactly how I prep clients for their shows, and how I’m able to do so in a way that leaves them feeling strong, confident and amazing.

Now before I get into this next series, I want to remind you to consider that a healthy contest prep CAN AND DOES create amazing results. Results that can indeed get you show ready, super lean, and ready to crush the competition.

Let me show you something…

Take a look at the competitors who have followed my exact protocol (tweaked personally for THEIR bodies – so no cookie cutter approach), and how they looked on stage earning class wins, overall titles, and even top 5 on the NATIONAL LEVEL…

These are all NATURAL competitors by the way… All Science and NO BS has gotten them to the absolute best they’ve been in their lives!


And it’s not just the women, but the men as well.

guys roxstar


So What is Roxie’s P.E.A.T. Method of Training?

A few years ago I started to truly systematize the way I approach program design for the strength training protocols I gave to clients.

I realized early on in this game that the body responds best to training volume and frequency – not only when you want it to grow, but also when your goal is to maintain muscle as you diet.

You see…

What builds muscle KEEPS it in the face of fat loss.

So in that respect, when I started to see that when I focused on keeping clients on training programs that stress lifting heavy throughout their entire training cycle (from off season through prep), they were able to truly bring a look to the stage that falls right in line with what the judging criteria is for their division, and thus a winning look – each and every time.


But the game isn’t JUST about lifting heavy.

There are so many ways to approach program design, and so many things you can throw into the fire to develop the best physique you can – given the time you have to prep for a show.

The one thing we are ALL concerned about as competitors is always about whether or not we will be able to bring the proper conditioning to the stage. Right? How many times have you looked at yourself and wondered if you were “there” yet? Or if you had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you KNOW you aren’t even close… And your show is like NEXT WEEK?!

Been there done that – and thus I’ve been able to allow my clients to completely avoid that.

What I came up with, and have developed over the years is my P.E.A.T. Method of training and program design. And although it’s not something I’ve invented myself, I’ve tweaked certain aspects regarding program design to come up with my own “secret sauce” to what has gotten my clients their absolute best time and again – and pretty much without fail.


How My P.E.A.T. Method Completely Changed the Game for My Competitors

P.E.A.T. stands for Physique Enhancement Athletic Training. How I came up with it was actually by accident – to an extent.

PEAT System Diagram 2All my life, I’ve been an athlete and a dancer. I knew what it was to not only gain strength from the weight room, but to gain it in a field or on a track, running, doing speed and agility drills, and more. I knew it from the dance studio, bounding and jumping using only the floor and the concentrated energy of my own body to leap across it from wall to wall.

It was through all of that stuff – in addition to weight training – that I have seen first hand exactly how the body can evolve into ANYTHING YOU WANT, if you are willing to step outside of the box.

So here I was, as a trainer and coach, testing my theories, playing around with program design…

Taking a look at the body in front of me, and seeing what their flaws are (what the judges look for), and trying to make those parts as strong as their best body parts.

To not only use typical rep ranges of the common 8 to 10 rep range, but to see what happens when  you throw HEAVY weights into high rep schemes… 15, 20, 25, 30 REPS PER SET! Witnessing how that affected change in the physique positively, and how to now PROPERLY apply that.

I then looked at powerlifting, and started to truly study (and get coached myself) in the more basic lifts – snatch, jerk, and clean – and seeing how THAT helped to develop the body through power training protocols.

I would then mix those same lifts into strength training programs, having clients perform them over various ways. So we would do them with heaver weights they can control, or even moderate to lighter weights at quick and explosive paces. I’d have them do these moves with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells…

And the results were simply remarkable.

I was able to take them, coming to me looking one way – completely green… And by the time we were done, had a competitor staring right back, ready to conquer the sport.

Monica Carson - 10 Week Prep - 2 Weeks Out

Team RoxStar Client - 2 Weeks Out vs. Starting Photos

Team RoxStar Client – 2 Weeks Out vs. Starting Photos

Competition Prep Client located in Slovenia. We prepped her entire program and provided posing/presentation posing as well.

Competition Prep Client located in Slovenia. We prepped her entire program and provided posing/presentation posing as well.

Connie 1 Year Comparison - Border States 3wks Out Iron Games 2 wks Out


And you know what was an even better bonus for each of my clients…?

The fact that the type of programming I designed employed elements of sports specific training, weight training, metabolic conditioning, power training, and plyometrics – and thus combined to create an approach that literally incinerated fat, preserved muscle, and minimized the need for tons of cardio.

You see, when you get the body moving in the way that we do, over various rep ranges, various angles, intensities, and everything from power endurance, to strength training, and muscular endurance, you place SERIOUS metabolic demands on the body. Forcing it to burn more energy for fuel (mainly stored fat as well as some of the carbs you consume), and burn more calories in your actual weight training workouts than you would with a similar amount of time using traditional methods of cardio.

Now don’t get me wrong, notice I didn’t say “NO CARDIO”… My clients absolutely DO perform cardio in order to bring the best look possible to the stage. We employ all facets of it as well: steady state, intervals, HIIT cardio, and metcon circuits. HOWEVER, our approach is all about focusing on INTENSITY – not duration.

And making that the mainstay of where we put our energy allows each RoxStar to do the absolute minimum while seeing maximum results in half the time.


So How Can This Work for You?

At this point, you’re probably wondering how this can fit into the equation of what YOU need to do, or even what you might already be doing.

Here’s what I have to say to you… Silently nod if you can relate to any of this:

  • Is your top concern as a competitor getting to the stage your absolute best, but doing it in a way that won’t harm your body?
  • Are you READY to make the time commitment and the mental commitment to bring your best to the stage?
  • Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone to do things perhaps differently that you have before, especially if you know that way can and DOES work?
  • Do you want to be able to prep for your upcoming show, but do so in a way that allows you to have time for other things in your life as well?
  • Are you looking to cut your training down to sane amounts during your prep, and not spend a majority of it doing cardio?
  • Is keeping muscle on during phases of fat loss important to you?
  • Are you almost ready to see what training with me is like, and curious about how your body would respond to a much smarter approach to your training?


If you answered YES to any, many, or all of these, then you’re in a great place – and we might be the right fit. I kind of like to take this slower process of introducing you to what I have to offer because it will help in your process of decision making regarding one of the most important aspects of your prep.

For me, every client is an individual. Every  client has a specific need and should be approached with custom programming.

So what I would do with you upon you signing up is take a look at where you are currently, and fully evaluate your physique. I’d see what your strengths are, and what your weaknesses are structurally according to your division. From there I would devise a game plan and a program to make the best of your physique in the time we work together.

Now, for some people, starting on a prep right away is a smart move. Perhaps you are more seasoned, and you’ve done this before, and you’re ready to jump into a prep for your next show. You and I can discuss what your next moves should be, and what shows you may have in mind, and what’s truly feasible at the time you contact me.

For others, establishing a foundation, getting leaner (BEFORE YOU PREP) and getting your body to a place where it makes sense to begin the rigors of a contest prep is the FIRST call to action… No jumping into contest prep right away. We can discuss your options as well and decide what the right moves for you will be.

All and all, no matter where you are in this process, I am ready to take you to that next level – and bring out the best physique you’ve ever had.

I have one more email to shoot you before I get into the packages I offer, so hold tight. Again knowing what the value is before making the move to just sign up is far more important to me to convey right now. I only want to work with the best and most determined, and this allows you to see if coming on board is the right move for you…


Keep an eye on your inbox for the next installment where I’ll go more into my flexible approach to dieting, and how I get my clients looking amazing – while not starving them!



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