It's Time For You To Get Fit Fine And Feminine With Roxie Beckles

Thank you for your interest in working with me! It’s my pleasure to serve you, and to help you to step closer to your goals of changing your body, taking control of your life, and empowering your innate femininity along the way.

The best way to get started with me is by booking a Fit Fine Feminine Personalized Coaching Call. Please scroll down to reserve your spot, and start on the road to your best body yet.

If you aren’t ready to purchase a session, please feel free to check out my complimentary offerings below. They are the perfect solution to help you to jumpstart your new path to improved health and fitness.

Here For Your Clubhouse Body Audit? Get Your BMI And Body Type Below

It’s time to get down to the numbers. When it comes to fitness evaluations, data and facts are key.

Use our special calculators to determine your BMI and bodytype. We’ll need to have both of these to fully evaluate your current physical condition for our body audits.

When you come to the stage, please have your Instagram profile set to public so we can see your frame and visual presentation.

Book Your Fit Fine Feminine Coaching Call - Clubhouse Special Discount

Let’s face it…

Working on your own can be very frustrating. Especially when you can’t figure out why you can’t get unstuck.

Or, you keep doing the same thing over and over again, obviously not getting results.

Well, I’m here to clarify what’s going wrong, and here to help!

Book a private 1:1 phone coaching session so I can help you to get on track, get focused, troubleshoot any problems in your programming, and just assist you to bring your absolute best to the forefront.

During our call we will cover the following:

  • What’s keeping you up at night? What’s that one thing on your mind holding you back?
  • Which area of your life are you struggling most with right now (training, nutrition, mindset, all)?
  • Where do you see your life 8 weeks from now, 6 months from now, 1 year from now?
  • Describe what you’re struggling with in great detail?
  • What habits, behaviors, and patterns are keeping you stuck? (If you don’t know, we will identify them during our call)
  • Are you happy in your personal relationships? If not, where do you think you’re struggling the most?
  • What’s your purpose on this planet? Do you feel like you’re fulfilling that each day?

These are just SOME of the questions we will go over in our call as we identify your weak points in your life, and how it’s holding you back from reaching your goals.

The Real Work Begins After Our Call – Your Personally Drafted Game Plan Within 24 Hours

The coaching session is only the first step in helping you to get answers and to get unstuck.

After our call, you’ll be sent a confidential recording of our conversation. This is to allow you to be able to go over what we talked about in your own time, and to use it as motivation to keep you inspired in real-time as you move forward.

Within 24 hours of our call, you’ll receive your personalized step-by-step game plan to get you started on your new focus towards your goals.

We’ll come up with some personalized solutions and next moves that will encompass your fitness on 4 levels:

  • Physical Fitness (through diet and training)
  • Mental Fitness (through journaling and personal self-reflection)
  • Emotional Fitness (through getting you to the avenues for deeper introspection)
  • Spiritual Fitness (through implementing daily practice meditation and prayer – if you are spiritual)

With my sessions, I also assign personal development work for you to do after your phone call.

This way you can not only get the solutions needed to move forward but what you can apply right now to get results. Personal assignments can include:

  • Journal prompts
  • Guided meditations
  • Goal setting assignments
  • Workouts (at an additional cost)
  • Personalized Meal Plans (at an additional cost)
  • Recommendations and personal discounts for self-paced courses I may suggest.

If after the call you might feel like you want to do further coaching with me on a more ongoing basis, we can discuss getting you enrolled in my month-to-month VIP coaching program.

Investment: Special Clubhouse Discount $147 ($50 Off)

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Masculine and feminine energy influences everything we do. They also have a major part to do with your fitness journey from your mindset to your full body transformation.

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Who Is Roxie Beckles?

Roxie is a certified personal trainer, personal development, and lifestyle coach who specializes in working with women. She’s been in the fitness industry as a fitness professional since 1997. She graduated from Fordham University with a BFA in Dance through the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center.

Roxie is a trained classical dancer (ballet, modern, jazz) and spent over a decade on stages across the world. She is also an actress and model who has done film, television, print, and commercials.

Roxie is an accomplished professional bodybuilder. She started competing in figure with the NPC in 2010 and has won several overall and top 5 titles. In 2013 she turned pro at the Team Universe (NPC Universe) Championships in women’s physique. Against all odds, Roxie had the privilege to stand on the 2014 Olympia stage in Women’s Physique among the top professional athletes in the world. She did this in her rookie year as a pro. Now, Roxie’s main focus in bodybuilding is to help other women achieve success, and do it as natural competitors.

In the social media space, Roxie is a black female fitness YouTuber and femininity influencer who has a passion for helping women to get into the BEST shape of their lives – all while tapping into their innate empowered womanhood.

Roxie wants women to see that femininity and being feminine isn’t weak. Instead, it is strong, empowered, life-defining, and a woman’s birthright to live her life in it fully – and to continue to develop those aspects of herself until her dying breath.

For more information on Roxie’s training philosophy, including her 4 Pillars of Fitness Concept, please see the following videos:

Let's Have Candid Conversations Around Black Women And Obesity

According to the United States Health And Human Services Office Of Minority Health, black women are sitting smack dead in the middle of an undeniable health crisis.

80% of black women are obese or overweight combined!

Ladies, we have to do SOMETHING about our health. Obesity not only leads to other avoidable diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer, but it also does a number on a woman’s self-esteem.

What’s even worse, black children have the highest number of overweight and obesity statistics among children of any other race in America. What this proves is that the habits of the parents (in many cases, mom) are falling onto our children. Thus, repeating cycles of unhealthy eating, disordered eating, and continued mental health issues as related to self-worth and perception.

This cycle CAN be broken – but it starts with you.

Check out the in-depth videos I have below which blows this conversation right open. All supported by data, but moreover, giving you solutions on taking the first steps to take your life back.

What Does Femininity Have To Do With Fitness - Everything! Here's How...

You’re here because you’re on a journey to enhance your femininity and create the most beautiful life you want. If you’re doing all of that and ignoring your fitness, you’re missing the boat.

Your fitness and feminine energy are intrinsically connected. This may be a concept no one has explored with you – until now.

Let me explain to you that deep connection by way of the videos below.

(PS – and if they intrigue you, scroll up and get into one of my fitness-focused femininity courses and eBooks.)

Let My Clients Inspire You! Here's Some Stories Of Triumph And Success

It’s a fact… Success leaves clues. I’ve worked with over 1000 men and women from around the world in the last 20+ years, helping to empower their lives through fitness. Below are a few of their stories that I hope inspires you to take action, dare to dream, and see how you too can possibly find the same kind of success.