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What's In The Book

Learn the secrets behind what a smart and healthy prep really looks like...

  • Stop the confusion and frustration of what you need to do to look your best on stage.
  • Crack the code to improving your placings, earning that coveted top 5 trophy, and nabbing that national level qualification.
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  • Reveal the mystery behind the best methods and tactics that can change your body, help you to steadily lose fat, and keep your hard earned muscle.
  • Find out exactly what the judges are looking for, so that you can put your best foot forward on stage – or even bring home some hardware.
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Who This eBook is For...

  • Women of all ages who love bodybuilding and looking to compete.
  • New competitors who have a show coming up and want to better understand the prep process.
  • Aspiring competitors who have yet to step on stage and what to know how to start.
  • Seasoned competitors looking for a new and refreshing way to participate in the sport in the smartest way possible.

“This book absolutely helped me with the sheer amount of great examples from Roxie’s first-hand experience as a pro, scientifically proven ideas and everything else I ever wondered about the sport. I really recommend this ebook to anyone who wants to start competing or even if they already do. It’s been a really great book that’s helped me to really understand how to bring out my best for the stage.”

Daniella P ~ Natural Master’s Figure Competitor


Roxie Beckles is the founder & CEO of RoxStar Fitness. 

She brings over 21 years of experience as a personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist and online coach to your hands via this eBook.

Roxie is an accomplished IFBB Pro, having competed in over 30 shows during her competitive career including the 2014 Olympia in Women’s Physique.

She’s helped women all over the world revamp the way they approach their diet and training to transform their bodies and embrace a healthy fitness lifestyle while finding balance, loving what they see in the mirror, and creating change for a lifetime.

The RoxStar Fitness Contest Prep Crash Course: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting on Stage The RIGHT WAY - And Win!

by IFBB PRO Roxie Beckles

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