Because asking what if NEVER EVER leads to results


Feeling like you’ve failed – again.

Feeling a bit depressed about it…

Giving up.

That’s the cycle.

The cycle that plays over and over again for people looking to change their bodies. People looking not even for just a six pack, but just to maybe lose a couple of pounds…

To fit into your jeans. Something as simple as that.

To just not feel so uncomfortable in your own skin.

To JUST FOR THIS ONCE, feel good about yourself. To feel confident in yourself. To just be able to say, “Yeah, I did that”.

Social media plays tricks on us, doesn’t it?

Every.Single.Day. We are bombarded by pics of these perfect specimen of fitspo models.

They show pics of themselves before their “big transformation”. And, oftentimes, they look just like YOU. But somehow they now look like something out of the pages of a comic book.

And you wonder yourself, how in the HELL did they get THERE!?

You ask, is there something wrong with me?

What could I possibly be missing – and why is it that everything seems to be failing when I try to change MY body?

Why is it that everyone else gets to see results…





It’s a shit show, and you have the starring role. It’s not fair

Ok now that we’ve identified what you’re feeling – let me ask you this…

When the hell are you going to DO something about it?

And I’m putting the emphasis on YOU.

If you want to get something done, you’ve got to get proactive. You cannot sit back, quietly, and wander your mind through the world of “what if”.

  • What if I really cleaned up my diet, and owned up to the times that I know what I was putting in my mouth simply isn’t going to get me closer to my goal.
  • What if I really took responsibility to prepare my meals ahead of time to make sure I always stay on track…
  • What if I put even more effort into my workouts – and I truly committed to what I need to do to see results.
  • What if I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and really PUSHED myself with all my heart and soul.
  • What if I stopped giving up? Gave myself a fighting chance…
  • What if I got out of my own damn way…
  • What if I committed myself to a program that I can stick to? One that can get me real results – if I just followed it.
  • What if I got so DANG TIRED of trying and failing over and over again.
  • What IF I owned up to my faults in this process – faced them head on, changed them, and actually saw REAL results…

And it’s when you start asking those kinds of questions that the magic starts to happen.

What if I told you that there is no reason for you to be going through all of that drama?

Do you trust me? Do you think that I, Roxie, am capabale to truly inspire and guide you towards your goals?

Or do you see me as just another fitness tart, looking like a super hero, and talking about smack that I don’t REALLY know about – how it’s like to be in YOUR shoes.

Well, guess what….


And this is why I continue to pour my heart and soul into helping YOU out. But here’s what you have to do… You have to be willing to step outside of the box. Outside of your comfort zone.

You have to be willing to give YOURSELF a fighting chance. And why? Because it simply won’t happen on it’s own, and other people are not willing to do it for you. In fact, some folks are just WAITING for you fail. To falter, and just flop.

But do NOT give them that satisfaction.

I want you to stand up and give yourself a fighting chance. To see that you are worth it. To see that if you do put your best and all in, you will be rewarded tremendously.

And I have one way that you can do it – and one solution that is one of the easiest for you to start on, right now!

Now if the solution is there, the question is – why won’t you just:

  • grab it,
  • run with it,
  • stop making up the excuses,
  • start doing what you want to do – be healthier, happier, and living a life you’re proud of,
  • do everything in your power to be successful at reaching your goals,
  • stop the BS’ing,
  • stop giving up on yourself,
  • believe that anything you want CAN be yours.

That’s exactly what I want to offer to you. Click to find out more about the full 12 Weeks to Lean Program…

12w2l ebooks BIG

Now the question is… Will you accept it?

Or will you just spend yet another few weeks and months, upset, frustrated, disappointed, and ready to give up?

The choice is yours – choose wisely my friend.



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