My Top 5 Moves For Building a Great Butt

Let’s face it… It seems like now-a-days everybody wants a big butt. I could remember years ago when having a luscious backside was made fun of and NOT sought after by anyone. But hey… I say, EMBRACE THE CURVES!

Now, some of us are blessed with a big ole butt. And our goal is to keep that baby sitting high, and under control. And some of you, well, you need to build one to get one! No worries though hunty! I have got you covered – no matter what you goal.

Today, I want to talk about how to build dat azz, and show you some of my top 5 moves for building a great butt. And I promise these are ones you haven’t seen before. Let’s jump in!

Single Leg Glute Kick Balance

If working on balance, your core, and your glutes is a major focus for you, then you’ll love this dance and yoga inspired exercise!

 Begin standing on one leg. Lift the other leg up into a 90 degree angle.
 Lower your body by bending over – bracing your core so you maintain your balance.
 Extend your leg out to the side, trying to keep it up as high as you can. You’ll have to really fire your glutes in order to hold the leg up. Your GOAL is to try to get (and keep) the leg parallel to the floor.
 As you extend the legs out, stretch your arms out as well. This will assist in balance.
 Return to the starting position, trying not to lower the leg to the floor.
 Perform about 5 to 10 reps on one side before switching to the other.

Single Leg Glute Arabesque

This is a GREAT exercise for you to try if you want to build the glutes, AND work on your balance and core at the same time! Put this exercise in your mix:

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 Start standing on one leg. Abs tight.
 Lift 1 leg up to a 90 degree hold.
 Extend that leg right in back of you.
 Feel the glutes on that side, and squeeze to keep the leg going straight back.
 Reach your arms down in front of you, pointing to the floor. This will help with balance.
 Return to the standing position – trying not to let the foot touch the floor.
 Repeat all of your reps on one side, then switch to the other.
 Do as many reps as you can to challenge yourself in your own workout. If you can hit up to about 10 or more reps per side, that’s great!

Push Press Jump

Here’s a great plyo exercise for you to try to kick up the intensity for both your lower and upper body! Add this one to your workout today!

 Begin in a squat, holding a single dumbbell close to your chest.
 Pushing away from the floor, and using the full power of your legs and glutes, jump up as high as you can.
 As you jump, push your arms up into the air – getting the dumbbell straight up overhead.
 Make a smooth landing in a deep squat.
 Repeat this motion for as many reps and sets as you wish, and that fits best in your workout for the day.

Renegade Hip Bridges

This exercise is a GREAT remix of your typical hip bridge. Not only will you be hitting the glutes, but we will work the upper body and core as well.

 Start in a seated position with your arms in back of you. Plant the heels of your foot into the floor.
 Raise your hips up as high as possible. PUSH THROUGH YOUR HEELS AS YOU DO SO. Squeeze the glutes as hard as you can.
 At the same time, push through your back arm that’s supporting your body, this way you really kick in the triceps.
 Reach the opposite arm across your body to the corner of the room.
 Lower everything back to start, and repeat for the number of reps and sets as you wish.

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Curtsy Lunge + OH Press

This is a great exercise to incorporate both the upper body and lower body in one dynamic move.
➡️ Begin holding a pair of dumbbells right in front of you.
➡️ The weight doesn’t have to be super heavy, but should definitely challenge you.
➡️ Keep the elbows bent at about a 90 degree angle.
➡️ Step back into a curtsy lunge. Keep your weight stable between both legs.
➡️ As you lower into the lunge, press the arms up overhead.
➡️ Return to the starting position.
➡️ Alternate sides for each step.
➡️ Perform as many reps and sets as you wish for your program and goals.

Your Turn to Hit Up My Top 5 Moves For Building a Great Butt in YOUR Workout!

Try adding these to your next leg day to really kick up the intensity, and train your legs in a way to get some great results! Remember, stepping outside of the box, and trying something different is what can help you to see even better progress from your work in the gym.

And if you like this article, and want to get some more great exercises, tips, advice and more that you can apply to your training – and start seeing REAL results… Be sure to sign up for my FREE email list! I’ll send you this kind of stuff and more to help you to step up your game in and out of the gym.

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