4/13/15: (Video) – 6 Client Contest Preps – A Detailed View

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I thought to do a little something different for this week’s MM and that’s post a fantastic and informative new video series that I’m doing over the next 12 weeks which will follow the contest prep journeys of some of my RoxStar Fitness clients.

Everyone’s body is so different, and needs different things. So, I’m going to show you how they’re eating, training, and working to bring the best they ever have to the stage. Now, all of these are my figure girls, and range from the newbie to seasoned National level competitor. They range in age and body type as well, so each of you will find one that relates to you, and can see what it takes for them to get stage ready, and hopefully inspire you along your own way.

Take a look below at our newest video, and be sure to check out the new one which goes up each week!


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