3 Exercise Slimming Leg Circuit to Try Right Now

Today I have a kick butt workout for you! I actually shared this on my Facebook page and it went “mini-viral”, lol. Lots of views and shares, and so I know it’s a good one.

Now, as you can see, I’m having a liiiittle too much fun doing this one, but that’s because it’s so good – and so fun! So let’s get you started.

3 Exercise Slimming Leg Circuit

This is a GREAT exercise to throw into your workouts as a quick circuit to get the heart rate up, and to hit the legs with some quick paced plyos!

  •  Start in a low squat position. Brace the abdominals and get on the toes. Perform a set of Fast Feet in place, really feeling like you’re getting deep down in the legs. Count to about 5 to 10 secs to complete this first exercise.
  •  Next, jump up in place as high as you can into your Jump Squat. Before you take off, load up the glutes, explode off of the floor and try to get as much air time as you can. Land in a perfect squat with the knees aligned with the toes.
  •  The final exercise in the circuit is a set of 2 explosive Ice Skaters. Stay deep in the legs after you land the Jump Squat. Explode off of one leg, and feel as though you are trying to glide to one side in the air – again getting as much air time as possible! Extend the arms out when you leap across. Land on one leg, the opposite leg will plant into the floor in back of you so that you are now in a curtsy lunge position. Here you want to feel like the glutes are super fired up, and your weight is sitting back in the hips. Perform the second Ice Skater in this same way.
  •  After you complete Ice Skater #2, go right into the fast feet again, and repeat the entire sequence of 3 exercises.
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You can do as many rounds of this as your please. It is up to YOU to determine what is best for you in the moment while you perform it. This is more of an intermediate to advanced exercise, so train hard, but most of all train SMART!

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