Ready to Win? Discover the Secrets to Competition Prep And Prepare for Victory.

Your Competitive Edge Starts with This Seminar!

Welcome to the electrifying world of competitive bodybuilding!

If you’re ready to take the stage in a way that not only makes you look your absolute best but positions you for victory, you’re in the right place.

This seminar is your golden opportunity to transform your journey, no matter where you’re starting from.

Imagine this:

A room filled with the stories of women who, like you, had dreams of stepping onto that stage.

Some were beginners, anxious but determined. Others, seasoned competitors, hungry for the win.

They all had one thing in common – the drive to excel.

And together, you each embark on a journey that sees you shine on national stages and secure pro cards from the world’s most prestigious federations.

But here’s the kicker:

It’s not just about trophies; it’s about the transformation.

I’m not here to turn you into someone else; I’m here to unlock the best version of you.

Are you ready for a thrilling, life-changing adventure in competitive bodybuilding?

Let’s take that first step together because in the next section, we’ll explore exactly who this exhilarating seminar is tailored for. Get ready to be amazed!

REAL Team RoxStar Competitors On Stage: You Could Be Next!

Who Is This Seminar For?

My exclusive contest prep seminar is designed to cater to a diverse range of women who share a common goal – stepping onto the stage and shining as a competitor.

This seminar is for:

First-Time Competitors

If you’re new to the world of competitive fitness and eager to take your first step onto the stage, Roxie’s program is your ideal starting point. You’ll learn the fundamentals, get expert guidance, and build a strong foundation for success.

Seasoned Competitors

Perhaps you’ve already participated in a few shows but want to elevate your performance in upcoming competitions. Roxie’s insights and coaching will help you fine-tune your approach and aim for victory in your next show.

Self-Coached Athletes

If you’re currently coaching yourself but feel that there’s more to learn and improve upon, this seminar is your opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and enhance your competitive edge.

Athletes with Coaches

Even if you already have a coach, this seminar can provide you with an additional layer of expertise. You’ll gain valuable insights into competition strategies and ensure that you’re on the path to victory.

Those in the Pre-Prep Phase

If you’re in the phase where you have weight to lose or muscle to gain well before you’re ready to start prepping for a show, Roxie’s program will guide you through this crucial phase with precision.

Athletes Approaching Pre-Contest Season

If you’re gearing up for pre-contest season in the next few months, this seminar is a smart move. Roxie will equip you with the knowledge and tools to ensure that your approach is nothing less than perfect.

All Divisions and Federations

No matter which division you aspire to compete in—whether it’s bikini, wellness, figure, fitness, physique, or bodybuilding—and no matter which federation you plan to compete with, Roxie’s seminar caters to all.

Meet Roxie Beckles - Your Coach and Mentor

Before we dive into the incredible journey we have planned for you, let’s get to know the heart and soul behind Roxstar Fitness. Meet Roxie Beckles, an IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Competitor, a celebrated author, and a motivational speaker. But most importantly, she’s a passionate fitness professional with over two decades of experience.

Her journey began just like yours. She was a newbie with a dream, inspired by the women she saw in magazines and on TV. Roxie’s path led her to compete in figure and women’s physique divisions, and she even graced the prestigious Olympia stage in 2014. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, she’s a true expert who’s worked with clients around the world, changing lives and making dreams come true.

Roxie’s Unique Approach: Coaching and Mentorship

Roxie’s approach to fitness isn’t just about sets and reps; it’s about guiding women to find their voice, rewrite their stories, gain confidence, and conquer their wildest dreams. Her mission is to help you transform your body and lifestyle while tapping into your feminine energy.

Here's What We'll Be Demystifying In Our Upcoming Seminar:

Part 1: The Pre-Prep Game Plan

Before you dive into the intense world of competition, you need a game plan. Roxie’s program begins with the “Pre-Prep Phase,” where you’ll lay the foundation for your journey. This phase lasts from 6 months to a year or more before the contest prep begins.

Physique Evaluation and Division Selection

  • Unlock the secrets of physique evaluation to determine the competition division that suits you best.
  • Understand your genetic factors and identify muscle groups that respond well to training, and areas that may require more attention.
  • Gain expert insights into how to select the ideal division that aligns with your unique strengths and attributes.

Consultation with Fitness Professionals

  • Learn why an objective evaluation from a fitness professional is invaluable for your journey.
  • Understand how fitness professionals provide you with expert guidance on division selection and training strategies.
  • Discover the benefits of a personalized approach, accountability, and support as you work with a fitness professional.

Body Composition Testing and Customized Plans

  • Explore the importance of body composition testing tools like DEXA scans and skinfold measurements.
  • Discover how these tools help you understand your body fat and muscle mass distribution.
  • Dive into the details of creating customized workout and nutrition plans to guide you towards success.

The Pre-Prep Phase – Building the Foundation

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the critical “Pre-Prep Phase” and how it sets the stage for your competition journey.
  • Learn how to train for overall weight loss and build a strong foundation.
  • Discover the art of consistency in training and nutrition, and how it’s a cornerstone of your success.

Building Muscle, Recompositioning, and Mindset

  • Explore the periodization techniques that cycle between phases of muscle building and fat loss.
  • Understand the importance of tracking progress and keeping detailed records of your journey.
  • Dive into the mental aspect of competing – conquering fear, building confidence, and developing a champion’s mindset.

Part 2: The Pre-Contest Phase

As you approach the thrilling pre-contest phase, it’s essential to understand the art of preparation and training—the SMART way. We’ll guide you through this crucial period, ensuring you’re fully equipped to shine on the stage. We’ll dive into the difference between each of the women’s divisions, breaking them down, and making sure you choose the right division based on your genetics.

  • Bikini Division
  • Wellness Division
  • Figure Division
  • Women’s Physique Division
  • Women’s Bodybuilding Division

Do YOU Need A Contest Prep Coach?

  • The decision to work with a contest prep coach depends on your understanding of diet and training.
  • We evaluate your starting point, physique, caloric intake, training regimen, and cardio involvement before determining the right path for you.
  • It’s essential to begin your prep from an optimal position, ensuring you won’t need extreme measures to get in shape.

Determining When To Start Your Prep

  • To embark on a successful prep, you need to start from a solid foundation.
  • We assess your current physical condition, caloric intake, training regimen, and cardio involvement to set the stage for a productive prep.
  • It’s crucial to feed your body wisely, optimizing your diet before diving into fat loss.

Training Tips When It Comes To Your Prep

  • Balancing training and cardio is key to your prep.
  • Your weight training maintains muscle, while cardio facilitates fat loss.
  • Your goal is to increase intensity without overdoing it.
  • Adjust your training based on your shape and goals, aiming for symmetry, size, shape, and conditioning.

Presentation is EVERYTHING…

  • Your posing and stage presence are often the difference between first and last place.
  • Posing should be practiced well before your final week of the show.
  • Focus on accentuating your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses, and remember that every competitor has at least one.

Post-Show Reverse Dieting And Off-Season Tips

  • After the show, transitioning into the off-season requires a well-planned reverse diet.
  • Becoming a true fan of the sport, attending shows, following athletes, and analyzing scorecards will help you understand judges’ expectations and refine your approach.

Choose Your Live Seminar Experience:


Seminar Only: $57

  • Gain access to the full 2-hour virtual seminar.
  • Dive deep into Roxie’s invaluable insights and knowledge.
  • Live Q&A w/ Roxie to answer your post-seminar questions.

VIP Seminar Experience: $97

  • Get everything in the Seminar Only package.
  • Enjoy the convenience of the seminar replay to revisit the content – for life.
  • Receive a 30-minute personalized physique evaluation coaching call with Roxie herself. Learn exactly what you personally need to do to be ready for your next show, or guidance about how to make the most out of your pre-prep season.
  • Access To “Ask Coach Roxie” assistant AI coach 24/7 to help you with your training and nutrition questions.

After signing up further instructions about logging onto our session room and more will be sent via email.