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If you are a woman who has goals that are important to you, and that you know deep in your gut will change your life once you start achieving them – then you’ve found the right person to connect with. I want to see how we can identify what’s most important to you, call out truthfully what’s holding you back, and then give you the perfect solution to getting it out of the damn way!

I would say if you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthier, and gain confidence - you need to work with Roxie...

ChrissyBeforeAfter1I worked with Roxie for over 3 months. And within that time, I expected to lose about 30 pounds.

She totally met my expectations and more!

I never had a trainer in person before and I was very apprehensive about working with an online trainer/coach.  Considering this was my first experience it has been the best experience! I felt as if the plan was made specifically for me and no one else. I have transformed my body in ways I never thought I could. Roxie took my likes and dislikes and created a schedule that fits my lifestyle.

I would totally recommend her to anyone!

My training has been a fantastic journey. Not only did I lose weight and sculpt my body but I learned how to make healthier choices in life. I feel confident enough to go in the gym and know exactly what to do.  Our training has taught me practices that I can use for a lifetime.

I would say if you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthier, and gain confidence you need to train with Roxie.

If you have the drive and discipline to succeed,  Roxie gives you all the tools and information you need to make the change – but it’s up to the person to comply with the plan. Roxie can’t make you exercise or eat the proper food.  The individual has to want it enough to make sacrifices, but once you see the end result it will all be worth it!  TRUST ME!*

Safely my body transformed into way more than I expected...


I was trying to pursue getting on stage for a bikini competition and felt like I was in a rut.

I had a lot of experience in fitness and am a certified personal trainer but that did not stop me from feeling baffled by the process.

Every website told me something different, every magazine had some new workout and diet to try, everyone at my gym had their own opinions on what it took to stage ready–I was lost.

I decided to work with Roxie based on the reviews I had heard about her and what appeared to be a very balanced approach to getting competition ready.

I was not disappointed!!!

The plans that I got covered every aspect of my training from what to eat after a work out to how many beats in each rep of an exercise.

Each day I had a specific plan of what to eat and how to train; I worked out in ways I never had before.  Every plan comes with links to exercises so I never feel lost.

Any questions or concerns that I have had Roxie is quick to respond–sometimes within minutes.

Safely my body transformed into way more than I expected when I started and I did not have to do anything crazy to get there.  Roxie even helped with posing, suit selection, and how to wear my hair.

I could not recommend her more.  When I finally got off the stage I continued to work with her; she is just that good!!!*

I learned to honor my body, knowing.. It would work for me, not against me...

I saw Roxie on YouTube; I was fishing around for videos of figure competitors, learning as much as I could about posing and training without having to pay a fortune for training services.

I saw Roxie on stage and I loved her presentation; she flowed, like the ballerina she is; it oozed from her and I knew immediately that theatrically I appreciated her talent. I also saw an interview with her after one of her shows, as well as other videos she had posted both pre and post competition.

I admired Roxie’s willingness to “put herself out there” to help other competitors and also to challenge herself.

I admired the way she posted videos of her progress, religiously, and talked about her progress, her deficiencies, and her strengths. There was an air of confidence about her, a respect for her body and its limitations, and a willingness to maintain a genuine expression of hope and assurance that her body would shift and do, over time, precisely what she needed it to do.

I think this quality, this learned and honed patience of Roxie’s, is what I gained most in working with her.

Yes, Roxie was highly responsive, incredibly knowledgeable about supplements, the sport, and fitness in general, but when I think of what I gained by working with Roxie, I think about how I learned to honor my body, patiently, knowing that if I work with it, with great care, it would work for me, not against me. I had to learn first how to work with it and Roxie taught me that both in word and through her own training and results.


Roxie continued to keep me focused and reminded me that time is essential; that I could not expect my body to do things in 13 weeks or less, that perhaps my body requires more time.

She encouraged me to focus on honoring food and to not disrespect my body by requiring it to operate under a timetable.

She encouraged me to not set my sights so much on a show date, but to allow my body to show me which show date best worked for me.

As a result, I decided to move show dates and I was most pleased and rewarded by my decision.

Roxie is dedicated to the sport and she is also dedicated to people’s success in a way that promotes well being, total well being, not just physical.

I recommend Roxie to anyone who is thinking of competing.

I also recommend her to anyone who needs some guidance on how to respect and love your body as I believe Roxie knows that once an individual does that, the world is her/his oyster, so to speak. I believe this is her mantra and I believe this is why her business and her training are both so successful.

I am a stay at home mother of 2 boys so I had to work ME time in!! She was so easy to work with... (And this client lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks!)


I found Roxie through a friend of a friend.

I needed an extra push to get my butt in gear after having my second child.

I started working with Roxie about 8 months after having my son. I lost most of the baby weight on my own except for the last 10lbs.  I wanted to train with someone who wouldn’t push supplements down my throat or starve me.

I told Roxie what kind of schedule I had to work with.

I am a stay at home mother of 2 boys so I had to work ME time in!!

She was so easy to work with. Answered all my questions and always pushed me harder.

I hardly ever felt hungry. I not only cleaned up my diet but also my husbands and kids diets as well!! When I started working with Roxie I was in a size 10.

After 10 short weeks, I dropped 12lbs and can now wear all my pre-pregnancy jeans!!

I am now in a size 5!

I loved my workouts! I looked forward to each and every one of them! I feel so much stronger and love lifting the heavy weights!!

I have seen muscles I haven’t seen in years!!

Working with Roxie exceeded my expectations! Her coaching and support is amazing! I would recommend Roxie to anyone looking to get in their best physical health!!*

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